Thursday, January 20, 2005

2-0 (Virus over Frank)

Oh my, the virus won!
I have to reboot my computer again! Yep, this happened before. I was like 15 and a virus destroyed my computer!! I was devestated. ugh... I thought I gotten over it but no!

Anyways, I have to find other ways on entertaining myself. BESIDES the internet! I know!! It's not easy. And oddly enough TV alone doesn't satisfy my entertainment needs! I usually enjoy TV more when I have TVguide.com telling me about what's on and (more importantly) what's good. sigh. Without internet and TV, I'm forced to be productive academically!! I'm reading and studying... (ugh, did I mention I don't like my Spanish class anymore. It's not like I don't like the subject or whatever, I hate the fact that I have to study/prepare for the class... It's EVERYDAY!!)
And oh!! Today, I came back to my dorm to find that all my roomies are going out.. they try to convince me. And I actually considered it. Usually I would have no problem blowing them off. It was easy. I could rationalize something more important to do like TV or blogging, but I didn't have those excuses anymore... (and they made me do a "shotgun" so I was feeling very sociable at the time.) But to my surprise I remembered I had a 9am class IN SPANISH tommorrow. sigh. I totally would of went otherwise... No Internet and No TV makes Frank a bored boy.

anyways, I'm on my roommate's computer.... hopefully rebooting my computer tommorrow night will fix it... if not I have a plan B!! woot! Let's just say I'll have another reason to suck up to Emily's mom....

Frank out.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Frank has a virus!

AHHH! I hope this PC-cillin works, cause if it doesn't I'm screwed!
Full report later! stay tuned!

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Way to scratch old wounds DC!

The Daily Campus (school paper) wrote an article about us not going to march in the Augurial Parade...



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Friday, January 14, 2005

Tuesday/ Thursday classes.

These are my other classes, as promised.

  • Spanish Lab (9-10am): Oh my. I have a class at 9 in the morning! and it's Spanish!! They expect us to be coherent and talk Spanish?! freaks! Anyways, I have Ms. Patterson, the professor that everyone told me that she's a hard ass. I walk in the class. She's like 5 foot nothing! A tiny, tiny lady. She wasn't that bad. We had to repeat a few things en espanol, then we left like 20 minutes early.... these peeps are crazy... Or perhaps she'll be hard when we're actually learning something tougher than the Spanish alphabet.

  • Peoples of the Pacific Islands (2-3:30pm): This class is okay, but it's in a completely full classroom! All the seats are taken and it's a relaively small room. When I found out that it was in the Dedman Life Sciences building, I thought it was going to be in an audotorium class but NO! ugh, and I came in like exactly at 2! Almost no seats anywhere.
    But that's not the worst part. We started off talking about people of Polynesia/Mirconasia/etc. then she was trying to explain basic anthropological terms to the class and she was doing a horrible job with examples. She ended us saying that not liking infanticide was ethnocenric and not savage...
    I tried to smile and nod... I think we caught herself when she said it. Then she went on to say that incest was universally bad... hmmm, incest VS infanticide? according to the professor... one is better than the other--not only better but acceptable and/or praised in some cultures. ugh. whateva.

  • Diversity and Culture in the US (3:30-5pm): This was my favorite class of the day... no, it's not cause it's about Us culture... it's cause it was cancelled from the day!! woot! I'm glad I got the professor's email about it. So, I slept!! wootness!

Well there you go... my classes... and yes! I do have Spanish everyday!! I'll be fluent in no time... riiight.
Hola, yo mi llamo Frank.
?Como se llamas?
?De donde eres?
Soy es Dallas, y ustes?
that's all I got besides the alphabet.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Boisterous Day

SMU gets a threat and classes continue...

  • Beginning Spanish (11:00am): Not too horrible. I'm the only hispanic dude in there and I'm pretty sure that everyone gave me a weird look when the professor said "Francisco" during the attendence. I wanted to get up and explain that I don't know Spanish at all! I'm a bad hispanic! ugh. Anyways, I can tell that this prof. loves suck ups like the "late guy" who asks every question in the world. ugh. So we sit there the whole time and read the syllabus together. What ever happened to the time when professors would just give us the syllabus and let us out!

  • Television Genres: the Soap Opera (2-4pm): Today I told Devon I was taking a class on soaps and she didn't believe me. Sean, the film major, had to confirm. So, I've been at SMU for a long, long time... and today I found out that I don't know where everything is located including this class. I knew it was in the Meadows Building somewhere. As I was venturing through the massive building I saw a ballet guy in tights. I laughed and I think he saw me. I couldn't help it! It totally caught me by surprise and I couldn't contain myself. You would too! Don't lie! Oh yea, the class.
    I get there to find surprisingly find that there are only 5 guys in the class... heh. I guess not that surprised. Anyway, we have to do a paper about a soap opera we watch for like 3 months. 3 MONTHS of watching a soap?! ugh, I almost died until I found out that prime-time dramas count! hmm, I could watch and do a paper on the OC or even Queer as Folk. I'm pleased.
    PS- does anyone know how to anaylze a Tv show? Cause I don't.

  • Inside Bball Band rehearsal (4-6pm): Oh my! We sound horrible! I guess we are very rusty! ugh, I'm gonna cry. But my an hour or so we started sounding a little better... except a few that always sound bad. I wonder if they know they totally suck? I would just say there names and rant about how I hate them but some people get easily offended. (thank Roger) So I'll just give you some close hints.
    - Staccato high notes are not only your annoying cousin, they hate you with a passion.
    - If you play and sound like ass, go home and practice.
    - If you practice and practice and still suck... play the tamborine.
    - Cowbell isn't the solution to everything... just most things.
    - You can't get "emotional" or "into" bball music... stop swaying around... it's distracting.
    - Gold streaks are bad.
    - Eric Nichols is always right.
    - Sitting next to your brother is lame unless your bro is the Terminator!
    - When in doubt, a blow of a trombone will cure what ails ya
    - Someone should really give Phil Jones some loving... Lauren get on that. He rules.

  • On a concluding note everyone should watch Project Runway on Bravo... it's cool. I'll have the comments from tommorrow's Tues/Thurs classes soon.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Ooh! Today I played basketball! Lemme tell you guys about it.

So some peeps planned an awesome basketball get together and since I was bored so I went. First things first, the basketball courts on campus were closed! When is Dedman ever closed?! Students pay all this money to go to this school--It should be open at all times! It can be 4am and if I feel the urge to shoot a little bball, swing some rackets, or get my badminton on, the stupid Dedman Center should be open!!
Anyways, we opted for the middle school. PS- I totally forgot that middle schools do have afterschool programs! There were like a million kids there... all around... running the track, throwing footballs, and videotapping their skateboard skillz. seriously!
So did I mention that no one brought a basketball? The one key ingredient! So it took like almost an hour for someone to get one. We just sat there playing with a tennis ball that was in Paul's car. Luckily it we created the image that we were actually going something so the little AV skateboarders were forced to go elsewhere. When the basketball was brought we were all excited... we were finally going to play! Then someone came up with the idea that we should choose team captains by a freethrow contest.

Bad Idea!

We went around three times till I, oddly enough made a basket. I was the premiere captain. So we decided to make Jeremy the second cause no one was making anything. ugh. We're so great right? Anyways, my team was Kent, Katie and Emily. I had the only two girls. Jeremy had Jason Farmer and Paul.
So long story short, they won 10-7. Did I mention Emily made 5 baskets and I made 2? We were the top scorers on the team. Probably cause we mostly stood by the hoop and waited for people to shoot bricks. I thought it was a good strategy.
Well, we have another fun get together tommorrow after band... I think I'll participate again. Goodtimes.

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Emily's Blog

See Emily's newly redesigned blog....

made by me!

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Monday, January 10, 2005

10 things you probably didn't know about me.

01. I think I'm finally over my crush on Tom Welling. I still like the show though.
02. My dad owes a Mexican restaurant called Las Cazuelas in Harlingen, Texas.
03. My mother works at some aviation insurance company called U.S. Specialty.
04. Worst long term fear is that all my hardwork in life would lead to nothing.
05. I have 7 siblings-- Ramon(21), Christina(18), Johnathan(13), Michelle(11), Samantha(7), Jane(6), Jathan(5).
06. There is a 13 year difference between my mom and her new husband. He's younger!
07. Dad was the quaterback & homecoming king, mom was a drill team member. High school sweethearts.
08. I am the more comfortable with my self now than any other time in my life. (school's paid, awesome gf, and I'm so much more confident that ever. What else is there?)
09. I want to make a family of my own. I got the paternal urge for the first time since kindergarden.
10. I can honestly say that I have no idea where I'm going to be (physically, mentally/ emotionally) one year from now.

I got this from another blog. heh. Post the list on your blog! or comment it.

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time for a new banner?

Some people have been complaining about the yellow. darn them! anyways, since my internet was not working all day (thanks SMU!) I made another one. Whatcha think?

new frank banner

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Movie Outting

I went to see White Noise tonight. I enjoyed it surprisingly. It was just scary enough. And by scary I mean entertaining. Movies today aren't scary at all! What's with all these PG-13 movies?! Back when I was younger a scary movie was rated R and deemed unworthy if any less. I'm blame capitalism! I'd imagine that the dialouge with the film guys and capitalist whores would go like this.

Artisty Film Guys: We need to make an awesome scary movie! ... AH! so many ideas! I should be about death and carnage...
Capitalist Pigs: hmmm, death and carnage?... that doesn't sound like something the people of America would go for.
Artisty Film Guys: How so?! People have been going to these kinds of movies for years and years! They would love more! .... oh! A movie about EVP--Electronic Voice Phenonmenon! You know... about people who get messages for the dead and they like record it!! It'd be great!
Capitalist Pigs: Hmmm, does it have to be from the dead? Can it be from like... Lindsay Lohan? She so hot right now!
Artisty Film Guys: huh?... who?... the barely legal chick with the boob job?!
Capitalist Pigs: ::taps nose::
Artisty Film Guys: uh... well, maybe we can just not have any blood, gore, or... like awesomeness in the movie.... and put a small child in the mix like that Haley Joel Osment or David Dorfman.
Capitalist Pigs: that'll work.... OH! and you can squeeze in Sony, our sponsor!

ugh! So the movie was PG-13! And there were these kids right behind us giving us commentary like "He's so stupid!" and my favorite "You're scared, right?" Luckily I had a sugar high from the candy cane I smuggled in the theater.

PS- the ending was cheesy... thanks alot pigs! but I do have the sudden urge to buy video equipment. touché.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

new icon thingys.

new blog links on the right! you like? If you want your blog link pimped out in my links section, give me a holla.

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bad hair day

ugh. I have bad hair today. Today's gonna suck! So... should I wear a hat?

Frank w/bad hair!

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Britney's Back?!

Wasn't she on a break or something? Well anyways, she has a new song out. Mona Lisa. You have to hear this one before you comment. It's a little Gwen Stefani, and we all know that Gwen sucks! I don't know though, Mona Lisa is kinda growing on me after the 5th listen.

you be the jugde...
Britney Spears - Mona Lisa (right-click, save as!)

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Product Demographics

My lil' sister moved back to the Valley the other day and she left a few things behind. And I've decided that this whole "product placement" thing is getting completely out of control! I looked on a strangely colored bottle of shampoo called Bed Head. So this is what all the young cool kids use right? So by chance I read the label. It is only sold at professional salons. I was impressed. Anways, I turned the bottle around read on.

Actual first sentences on the back of a bottle of Bed Head shampoo. With capitalizations! And in FIVE languages!

Manipulator Daily Shampoo That Rocks! Defunk that gunk and clean your head. Get whacked after lather with this good smellin', cool blue, funky shampoo. Rock on! WARNING: You must have a sense of humor to use our products.


First of all, five languages?! Oh my! I never realized a shampoo could rock in one culture, but for it to cross the language barrier and rock French, Spanish, Italian, and German(?) speaking societies aswell!! This shampoo must really rock. Man, I bet a bunch of 37 year old men made this up. Do the kids really use this lingo? Does anyone refer to their hair/anything as "gunk?" I thought that was like the term people use for things found in a sewer or something. "Get whacked?" ugh. I guess dying via old mobsters is a kinda thing you'd need a sense of humor for. But the warning needs to be on the front of the bottle cause a warning like that is exactly the qualities everyone wants to have in their hair care products. Perhaps people who use this product suffer from brain damage...

These people try too hard. Do they honestly think that 14 year old consumers are going to go into salons, buy a $30+ bottle of shampoo and think "OMFG! This shampoo rocks so hard, I must purchase it! I just have to go outside to the minivan and tell my mom to give me more money!"..?

Then again... it is in my restroom! My sister is an enabler!!

Off topic: w.bloggar rocks and is funky... heh.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

a Happy start to a New Year

Devon's New Years Party was good. good food. good drink. pic time!

you're welcome!

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