Sunday, January 09, 2005

Movie Outting

I went to see White Noise tonight. I enjoyed it surprisingly. It was just scary enough. And by scary I mean entertaining. Movies today aren't scary at all! What's with all these PG-13 movies?! Back when I was younger a scary movie was rated R and deemed unworthy if any less. I'm blame capitalism! I'd imagine that the dialouge with the film guys and capitalist whores would go like this.

Artisty Film Guys: We need to make an awesome scary movie! ... AH! so many ideas! I should be about death and carnage...
Capitalist Pigs: hmmm, death and carnage?... that doesn't sound like something the people of America would go for.
Artisty Film Guys: How so?! People have been going to these kinds of movies for years and years! They would love more! .... oh! A movie about EVP--Electronic Voice Phenonmenon! You know... about people who get messages for the dead and they like record it!! It'd be great!
Capitalist Pigs: Hmmm, does it have to be from the dead? Can it be from like... Lindsay Lohan? She so hot right now!
Artisty Film Guys: huh?... who?... the barely legal chick with the boob job?!
Capitalist Pigs: ::taps nose::
Artisty Film Guys: uh... well, maybe we can just not have any blood, gore, or... like awesomeness in the movie.... and put a small child in the mix like that Haley Joel Osment or David Dorfman.
Capitalist Pigs: that'll work.... OH! and you can squeeze in Sony, our sponsor!

ugh! So the movie was PG-13! And there were these kids right behind us giving us commentary like "He's so stupid!" and my favorite "You're scared, right?" Luckily I had a sugar high from the candy cane I smuggled in the theater.

PS- the ending was cheesy... thanks alot pigs! but I do have the sudden urge to buy video equipment. touché.

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