Wednesday, March 30, 2005


So I know I give the YCT alot of crap about attacking certain groups that I'm affiliated with here at SMU, but sometimes...

Someone in an authoritative position in these groups says something totally stupid!

"... one of the most important issues we have as a community here on campus is our lack of unity. Although we are the majority minority, our presence is weak because we don't have the time to interact with each other. I am not saying this is wrong, actually, it is something unavoidable considering we have to work and help out our families, all while trying to keep up in school. However, I know that through small steps we can reach a higher degree of unity. This being said, I want to encourage each and every one of you to take the time and initiative to meet other members of the great SMU Hispanic community."

First of all the phrase "majority minority"... is the funnest oxymoron ever.
no problem there.

But the "it is something unavoidable considering we have to work and help out our families, all while trying to keep up in school." For a group that tries to emphasize equality of a people, they sure to stereotype it. They are reducing all SMU Hispanics to a poor, struggling stereotyped image. WTF?! Stop with the assumed rationalizations! I'm sure there are some people that are in that situation, but don't generalize a whole group of people!!! IDIOT! You're supposed to learn that lesson in Minority 101.

As for the unity issue. Of course no one is going to want to unite on these issues if you're a complete idiot! We don't need physical unity to understand and be active on the issues of face us everyday. If we all unite... we are just alienating ourselves from the SMU student body as a whole. And a little hint: we don't want that! The reason our presence is not strong is because (even though we are the "majority minority") we are still VERY small compared to everyone else. We need to divide and conquer. Lobby our issues to other people! We can't unity against certain issues without alienating others... And we want others to care about our issues! Non-hispanics have the numbers to vote in favor of our issues.

So, instead of coming together... We need to make a few more non-hispanic friends.

PS- I know all about the whole "family/togetherness" that comes with our culture as Hispanics... but we need to assimilate alittle to thrive in today's changing world.

[Spectrum (GLBSO) has this down! They know exactly how to lobby their issues!]

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter... a religious holiday?!

whaa? Easter is still celebrated as a religious holiday in some part of the world? I thought that we totally commericialized the hell out of it by now. (i.e. colored eggs, bunnies, etc.) Anyways, I visited the small town of Sulphur Springs, TX. again!

So we meet Emily's mom at Rockwall for some awesome Chick-fila cusine, where I meet 2 guests that will be staying in Sulphur Springs will us during Easter... TWO SMALL CHILDREN! One's 8... and the other is 1 year old...

On the bright side, the Mom was surprisingly nice to me. At first, I thought she was accepting me or something. Then later I found out that she was being nice cause she wanted me to make a "boxed-wine" run.

Next we went to church... ON A FRIDAY! ugh, that wasn't the worst part. Apparently the people in the church caught "the Passion fever." We were overjoyed to see how Jesus was turtored by the Jews including the loud clanking of nails in a large replication of the cross.

After that madness was over we had to drop off Emily's brother to some party... heh. Middle school parties never cease to amaze me. It was out in the middle of nowhere.. There was a barn involved. AND HAY STACKS SURROUNDED BY A FIRE! But naturally, all the kids were away from the "fun of the hay stacks and barn" and by the woods somewhere doing whatever it is that those kids do.

Saturday was the only church-free day in my whole stay. We visited one of Emily's crazy friends. She recently crashed her car again and was on the phone with her seemingly all-controlling boyfriend for the whole time we visited. She's surprisingly the most normal one of Emily's friends. After that we decided we wanted to see a movie. It was either Ice Princess or Miss Congeniality 2... We chose the second one. It was okay, not as good as the first one. Sandra Bullock looks really old to be running around in sequins. Anyways the interesting thing happen after the movie. We were lefting the movie theater. It was kinda wet and rainy. We were moving quickly to the car. I slipped and fell, while Emily still runs to the car. I scaped the hell outta my knees. When we get back to the house, everyone is eating dinner. And here I am obviously bleeding to my death... goodtimes.

Later we play Balderdash... ugh. I make second place, Emily wins it.

It's church day! I somehow woke up early... 5:30AM!! After that, I'm sleepy all day. Church was better than Friday... there wasn't any weridness just regular church stuff... praying, singing, something about walking 7 miles, etc.

Anyways church lesson for the trip: Don't push people to believe... but when they do wanna believe... ram everything in their faces a la The Passion.
Or something like that. meh.

Non-church lesson: Emily's brother is an odd boy. Not only does he make duct tape wallets, he makes duct tape bags, hats and other accessories. He also writes poetry about bullies and recites them in front of his family. And it's really, really weird that a 14 year old boy enjoys playing with the 8 year old girl alot.
meh, maybe it's cause my 14 year old brother is so the opposite... He plays every sport ever. Doesn't write poetry. And really hates his younger sisters.
Oh well, diversity is good I suppose.

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Friday, March 25, 2005


New Favorite Drink:

A can of Red Bull & 2 shots of Smirnoff vodka on the rocks... I'm now completely shit-faced.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

frank update.

So here I am, awake at 6am... never when to sleep. I know this must have some "bite me in the ass" backlash sometime today. I feel fine now. I'm not sleepy...

or am I?


Anyways, I haven't done an update in forever... stupid Reno trip/Spring Break. I'm still trying to recover. So I just realized today, that I'm graduating! It barely hit me. I won't be in school anymore for the first time is like a million years! All my years and years of schooling are finally coming to an end, and I was wondering now that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel... What do I most cherish and dislike about my schooling? Do I have any regrets? Moments of shame? Well let's go through a list!!! It's list time!

Things that I WAS ashamed/ embarassed of:
1) My family: I've always been embarassed of my family. It's not their any more weirder than your average hispanic family. The whole idea of mixing my school/personal life with my family life freaked me out! I always kept them as separate as possible. There was only a few times where I let them in a little. Those moments were kinda scary for me. But I think that I'm becoming more accepting of them and I will let them in a little more often. Since my schooling in ending, I won't have that buffer to keep them out anyways.

2) My intelligence/smarts/brain stuff: (this is a long story) For a long time in the beginning years of my life, I've been treated as any other normal functioning kid... but then when I hit 7th grade one person changed it all for me. My Geography teacher once pulled me aside after class had ending and told me that I was a very smart kid and that I was going to go far in life.
Well, that changed me forever. With those words, I began to realize that I could be that kid. I could go as far as I wanted to. So at that moment, I thought of the biggest dream I could think of... going to college. (I know.. how lame! but you guys need to know.. before this, I had absolutely no aspirations about higher education at all) So the next couple of year were dedicated to me doing well in school... and I did. I had gone from an average hispanic guy to the smart hispanic guy in High School. I had made it. I was at the top of my class. I was 8th in a class of 300. I was in the National Honors Society. Graduated with high honors. And was accepted to the only school I applied for... I was on top of the world. (well, now the bad crap)
College was a new world for me. SMU was the most stereotypically beautiful campus ever. But as I started to learn, all my kudos and hardwork meant very little anymore. People were like a million times smarter. Everything was harder. I wasn't the smart guy anymore. I was demoted to average guy again. These times were really bad for me. I was emotionally low. Even my friends were smarter than I was. They were more cultured, well-travelled, well-read... so instead of being the usual guy I was in HS, I had to be someone else. Someone who didn't care about those things, but I did.
I tried so hard to change myself into a person that was unaffected by the smarter people... ugh, that sucked. (Anyways, I've now grown to learn that I am, in fact, intelligent in my own way.)

3) Body issues: Yeah, I know! Frank had body issues?! yeah, I did. It was crazy. They weren't big enough for me to develop an eating disorder or an obsession with working out... just enough for me to be misterable. Anyways, I'm now sane and like myself more... enough to post pics of myself ALL over the internet!!

4) Dad issues: I totally went through the whole, I miss my dad phase alot during my teen years. It was crazy. When I would spend time with my dad, I would always try too hard. I would throw all my accomplishments and try to use big words around him. I just wanted him to be proud of me. This dad thing leads into the sibling rivarly thing. I'm the only sibling that is in an educational route to life. All my other sibs are going straight to working class like my Dad. I guess in retrospect, I may have pushed my dad away with my blantant blows of accomplishment to him...
Even my mom thinks I'm a snob. what gives?

5) Finding Me: Who the hell am I? I don't know?! ugh! I'm still finding who I am. It sucks. When I finally think I know myself, a can of worms is opened.


Now the cherish moments from my school life:
1) That geography teacher
2) When I went to all-state on trumpet AND saxophone that one year!
3) In 7th grade, I learned the trumpet... by the 2th month of learning I was 3rd chair out of 20 experienced players.
3) HS graduation
4) 1st day I moved into my dorm in college. It was in Mary Hay! Now I'm kinda glad that I'm in Shuttles now... it looks exactly like Mary Hay... I have gone full circle.
5) Saying all the names of my freshman class alphabetically in a circle over and over and over again. (ALL 30 of them!)
6) Getting my beanie!
7) Band, in general
8) My first bus party (it had to be the foam one!) After the foam party we went directly to a band party... Me and a random girl from my dorm (Waymee) covered in foam!!
9) Having a bad taste in my mouth, people cheering, my stomach was about to explode, I lift my head up and see Paul Ohanian look at me and say a minute, fifteen.
10) Writing comics of my Wacky and Adventurous friends.
11) Emily.

Whoa, it took me an hour to write this! I'm insane.

So I think I'll really miss college. I can remember when I missed HS... I've had soo many more intense experiences in college that Hs can never compare to it...

I wonder how I'll feel when it's all over.

Which reminds me, the year I graduated HS that "Graduation Song" by Vitamin C was out... crap... I'm going to download it and listen to it while crying, aren't I?


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Saturday, March 19, 2005

change the banner!

I'll probably change it back later... just a thanks to Rum Buillions in Reno, Nevada...

and I changed Emily's blog banner too!! heh, she doesn't know yet!

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

back on campus (in the middle of Spring Break!)


I'm insane! But I procrastinated my 2 midterm papers long enough. I had received extentions on both of them because I went to Reno a week earler (btw, I know I promised pics... but I'm too lazy about buying batteries... meh, they will show up on my blog wheneva.). BUT! I guess I can at least tell you about my wacky adventures in Reno sans pictures...

Tuesday - I got up after an hour nap around 6am. Christy was my wake up call. (In my very best AM Christy voice) "Frank, you up?!" I replied "uhh, yea.." ::CLICK::
I proceded to the bandhall after getting ready and whanot. Everyone got there like 30 minutes late. yea. AND it since the Cheers packed like huge bags, we had to play the game of Tetris to fit all the instruments in the bottom of the bus. Finally we were off to the airport, DFW. ugh... waited there like a million hours. But at least I fell asleep during the flight. I didn't get to watch the in-flight movie, The Incredibles, though... oh well.
Looking out the window before we got to Reno is crazy. It's like Mountain...Mountain.. Ice... Ice... Oh!! There's a city!! Reno's alot smaller than I thought it was.
After the huge waiting fiasco at the airport, we finally got to the Silver Legacy Hotel!! It was awesome! We got lunch at this nice little pizza place in the hotel... "Best Pizza Ever" deemed Megan... Oh, and Megan and I decided to be "boyfriend and girlfriend" on the trip since Emily and Mark were so many area codes away. She was a bad girlfriend to say the least.
When we finally settled into the room (btw, I was rooming with Jackson, Luke Rogers, & Kyle), I went down to the casino to check out the joint. It was very awesome. Bright and Shiney Moving Objects everywhere. I put in 5 bucks in a slot machine and quickly lost it all. Ahhh, was this foreshadowing for the whole trip?... yea, yes it was.
When we went to the place everyone would go to everyday... well, almost everyone... Rum Buillions!! The Rum bar where the rum never stops flowing!! Anyways, there was 50 cent drafts during a certain time. Over the days we found out that this deal wasn't as good as it was cracked up to be. The waitress was slow as hell... the draft of choice was always cashed out... but we pretty much didn't care. The now famous "RumBuillion Rule" was made there!!! It's a rule in the game "3-man" where if you drop the die off the table, you automatically get the 3-man hat and pass the dice. goodtimes. Anyway, another thing... why do under 21 people even try to get alcohol in clubs like that?? Dude, you don't even have a fake ID... get lost! Some of us wanna get smashed... Stop bringing us down! You booze-block!
Wednesday - When to the first game!! woot... not so much. The women totally blew!! daaaym! ugh, such a downer. Anyways, we had to drink for that! oh yeah. Back to Rum Buillions!
After a nap in the room, I hung out with a few minors... poor, poor minors... what do you do in Reno? (Later, I found out what they would do... Go to Circus Circus, spend all their meal money getting tickets for Razor scooters) Anyways, they were fun. Well... not the "Razor scooter crowd." I tried to stay clear of them. I hung out with the "crazy freshmen" room. Watching American Idol! oh yeah! And hearing about Christy and Mark's fake wedding... and how much it ruled. Anyways, I bought some alcohol for my roommate and some Peppermint Schapps for myself... I totally didn't finish it till like yesterday!! Nothing goes with it! Craziness. We watched Ten Things I Hate About You... yeah, I went to bed before it ended.
Thursday - The Men played... and lost of course...awww. it's my last game ever!!! We sobbed. Played the longest Warying Ending ever, then took a pic in front of the stadium. It was a huge deal when we would go back to Dallas... luckily we stayed till Saturday as planned. We stayed longer than both the Bball teams!! woot! We rule!
So food! I probably spent the most money on food this week. Went to the Victorian Buffet the first night... OMG! It ruled!! When to the SweetWater Cafe twice... I didn't get the 13.99 Steak and Lobster... heh. And when to the Cal-Neva! The hot spot for everyone playing Craps. Daniel practically lived there. I went to get the 1.50 hotdog and beer... quite the bargain.
Oh yeah, then there was the Strip Bar adventure... so Tommy, Ryan, Jackson, Kim, Megan, and I decided to find a strip club... At first Me, Jackson and Tommy walked around Reno looking for one. (using the freshmen's instructions!) We walked through some shady places... got scared and recuited the rest of the gang. After we found out that all the clubs were 21+, poor Jackson had to leave... heh. (Later we bought more booze so he was okay.) Then while walking Megan backed out... when Kim followed... chicks! Anyway, we ended up not going that night. (So they went the next night, but I didn't go). So I went to the freshman room and boozed it up there for a while.
Friday - Today was a lazy day. No game. Nothing planned. So I chilled out as much as I could in my room. Enjoying it while I had the chance. I watched America's Next Top Model and While You Were Sleeping!!! woot!
Gambled a little. I had gotten one of those Legacy Cards... so I played the Legacy Lotto everyday. It was cool.
Rum Buillions!! woot! Then there was the dueling pianos... which I heard sucked.. but oh well.
Such a relaxing day.
Saturday - the Day o Hell!
We had to check out of our rooms at 1pm... and bus didn't load till 9pm... yeah... 8 hours of limbo. And a huge chuck of the band when to Tahoe to ski for the afternoon. I wondered around the casino for a while... a small group of us actually found a movie theater!!! We saw Robots. It was good... but all the celeb voices.. too many of them. I think Ryan Jenkins said it best "A celebrity cluster-fuck!"
Anyways, after that the peeps from the skiing came back. I hung out with Megan for a while. We went to McDonalds... heh... my funds were definitely depleted by then. After that Megan had to buy souvieners for people... ugh... she took forever!! It was like dark out... the crazy people were out... like Megan! Anyways, by the time we got back to the hotel, it was time to go. Finally, the airport. The wait wasn't that bad this time. I sat by Roger... AGAIN!... which was great! yeah! Anyways, I managed to fall asleep... Man, I shouldn't of worn shorts... I was soo cold. Got back to Dallas and SMU at 6ish AM. ugh... so slept till forever....

WELL! That's it! pretty much it! I loved the trip! It was so cool. I had 165 dollars and spent it all!!! I'm so crazy! ugh...

"Once you break a twenty... it's practically gone after that!" - Meeeegan Cannnalllie!

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

whoa the Pope...


story about Pope

(pics and stories from RENO coming soon. I gotta get batteries for my cam. stay tuned.)

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

YCT is at it again!

Oh my!! The Young Conservatives Texans are being a pain in my ass!

First race, now sexual orientation! Oh no they didn't!!

So now, the YCT are complaining that Spectrum (the GBLSO) is lying about the number of members to get more money for club events. WTF??! Dude, we have like a million members! seriously! We don't get funds that we don't deserve like any other group on campus...

In matter of fact, Spectrum is one of the biggest groups on campus. There's even a GAY frat now! If we wanna throw a few parties on campus, don't rain on our parade!

Anyways, the appropiations committee knocked their complaint down!
Oh yea!!!

Don't mess with the us! We have friends in high places! yeah... old, liberal New Yorkers!! yeah!... Put together the legal minds of Lesbians, the rich millionare Gay men, the insider look of Bisexuals, and the Savy street-talking transsexuals... we have power!


Oh look! I'm an activist!! heh. Pay attention to me!

Mark my words, the YCT are going after religion next... So that means PATHS(pagan group) is going to be attacked!

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Monday, March 07, 2005

overheard rant.

So I was walking out of ULee and heard this...

"This is why I hate politics! I know I'm right and everyone else is wrong!"

This is like the definition of politics! heh. It sounds insightful... not! (OMG, Wayne's World flashback! I'm not worthy!) But while he was saying it, his tone implied that he was supporting the opinion that he knows all politics. heh... no one does! Politics is all about disagreement in a group of people/society.

Ps- not all politics involve the government. Open your mind to things outside your periphery.

Anyways, lesson learned: Don't listen to people that eat at ULee. There's obviously external forces influencing their frontal lobe abilities. Hehe, so Christy found a toenail in her lunch today... probably a bone, but it's just funny to think otherwise.

It's like all the pieces fit together perfectly.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

just too perfect

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Friday, March 04, 2005

American Idol runs my life.

So I hear that a American Idol contestant was on Elimidate! so, naturally I take a bunch of pics and display them on a webpage...
don't judge!

Constantine on Elimidate.

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