Monday, March 07, 2005

overheard rant.

So I was walking out of ULee and heard this...

"This is why I hate politics! I know I'm right and everyone else is wrong!"

This is like the definition of politics! heh. It sounds insightful... not! (OMG, Wayne's World flashback! I'm not worthy!) But while he was saying it, his tone implied that he was supporting the opinion that he knows all politics. heh... no one does! Politics is all about disagreement in a group of people/society.

Ps- not all politics involve the government. Open your mind to things outside your periphery.

Anyways, lesson learned: Don't listen to people that eat at ULee. There's obviously external forces influencing their frontal lobe abilities. Hehe, so Christy found a toenail in her lunch today... probably a bone, but it's just funny to think otherwise.

It's like all the pieces fit together perfectly.

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Blogger Davenna said...

Hahaha...who made the I know more about politics than everyone else comment? That sounds like the good old days of eating lunch with the Band!! Yeah..have fun at Reno and take tons of pictures!! Holla!-Davenna

4:55 PM  
Blogger frank said...

I wasn't a band peep. I see the guy all the time... I've nicknamed him "random SigEp guy #0036"...

I'm not generalizing SigEp thought/cognitions. He wore a jeresy one day, that's how I rememeber him... it was that or "bad short haircut boy"

5:54 PM  

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