Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MRI drama

So I just came back from getting an MRI. I've never had one, but I thought it was at least similar to an X-ray. And boy was I wrong.

They strap you down on a bed table and tell you not to move through the whole thing or it has to be done again. The total time is 30 minutes. They press a button, you slide into a giant circle thingy. It's a very enclosed space. You can lick the ceiling of it, if you wanted to. hehe. So then, the doctor goes out of the room and it starts.

The only way I can describe it is if you seen the movie The Exorcist when Linda Blair is strapped down at that mental hospital. And there's this awful banging sounds of some machine... yeah, that is what an MRI sounds like! I was freaking out.. and trying not to move.

Complete Hell for 30 minutes. At one point I was actually counting the seconds, trying to distract myself from the horrible noises. I counted up to 10 minutes and 37 seconds. My limbs were falling asleep, I couldn't stop from breathing so rapidly, and I totally had an itch!!!

And then sometimes the machine would stop, and you would get your hopes up thinking that it's over but it would start up again! Start up again... with a different sound. If you ever got used to one sound, another dissonant one was around the corner.


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