Friday, December 14, 2007

oh yeah

I almost forgot I have a blog! hehe.

Anyways, I have been mad busy lately. It's the holidays, so work has been a complete madhouse. People are ruder and more entitled to be rude than ever.

On the bad side, I hurt my back at work. And yes, I'm seeing a chiropractor.

It's kind of weird. As everyone does, the only thing I know about them is what I see on TV. You know... bone cracking, hated my medical doctors, etc. So I am still alittle wary about the whole thing. Even more so because he is strongly suggesting I don't go to work for like a few weeks. I guess sometime like your back doesn't heal overnight, but I just am very anxious about how everything's gonna turn out.

Jeez, this sucks.

I can be mobile at certain times of the day, if I don't do specific things like kneel, bend, squat, run, jump, sit-up, sit-down, lay down, or skip. If I don't do any of those things, I can actually move around. (Although Jason has started making fun of the way I walk. HATE CRIME!) Bad thing is that once I do any of the mention things, I complete fold like a deck of cards and can't do anything. It sucks.

So Icy-Hot and various meds provided my many friends is keeping me from being bedridden (then slowly developing teleknesis, then killing everyone).

but I do like vistors and kind words of encouragement.

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