Wednesday, June 27, 2007


In the hopes to become more literary, I have joined a book club. You would think for someone who is in the vicinity he/she would know something about the subject matter, but not so much.

The peeps at work started a book club, or should I say the English teacher that works at Borders seasonally started one. Anywho, anyone can start one but I guess organized reading is just too much for the average person to put up with.

Cards were made. A sign-up sheet was posted. It is kind of neat actually, since Borders doesn't ever advertise anything but itself. (We would get random people asking to put up their poster to some obsure event. NO! Go away! But buy something on your way out!!) So it was fun hyping up our own event to our short-attention-span consumers.
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We meet on the last Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm, and today is the first official meeting. So stoked. So not finished with the book yet!

The first book is Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie. I have a few hours to kill when I get off of work tommorrow till the meeting, so I figure I can at least get somewhat aquainted with the book.

I'll tell you guys how it went soon. Perhaps I'll rally some friends to join if it doesn't suck. I don't see it being too horrible though. I mean even if 3 people show up and didn't read the book, there's always Plan B...

Did I mention that meetings are going to be held at The Uptown Pub?!

What? You didn't understand the matrilineal kinship analogyon chapter five?! Drink for slop!!

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