Thursday, April 19, 2007

When life gives you a hilarious name...

write a horrible book with a horrible title to match!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Eric..

I present to you a book, The Flip Side by Flip Flippen!!
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Come on, you guys. If Eric's relative, Penny Nichols, filmed a documentary about the historical significance of coins, you would TOTALLY buy it! Just like an antagonist's last name, you know they were born to be evil.

Many, many years ago when people were referencing eachother by groans, roars and hand gestures (ie. the gay neanderthals?) We decided to give ourselves and eachother names that best described the person. And if this guy's ancestors were all "In a couple hundred years, I think I'm gonna write a book about flipping!" So they named theirselves Flippen. Of course it was probably spelled Flipping, but then somewhere down the line, they changed it... probably cause it was too flip. (hehe, get it!)

Well, I thought it was funny. I guess it isn't funny if I keep going on and on about it. meh... I need to practice my 'Homerow keys' typing anyway.


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