Saturday, March 31, 2007

stupid taxes

At work we all won mp3 players. I think I mentioned that to you guys.
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We finally received them the other day. I already had the awesomeness that is my Ipod Video (drools), so I gave mine to my sister. She loved it, by the way.

So they totally taxed my paycheck this pay period for it!! Bitches! Like they don't trust us to honestly report it in our own tax returns. Geez, where's the trust?

Anyways, previous employees can still pick their MP3 players up... and I hope they don't report it!!! Viva la revolucion!!

Hey, did you hear that the Mexicans are marching for immigrant rights again tommorrow?! I hope it goes well. I'm not going. Yeah, it's my day off. But I'll be asleepin'!! I wish them well though.

In other news, I'm gonna go watch the movie, Blades of Glory again tonight. You guys should see it. Loves it.

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