Thursday, February 01, 2007

Little Tip

I've decided that since I am so wise, I should start giving out little tidbits of it to the less fortunate [re: my friends]

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Just because you can purchase wine till midnight [instead of 9pm for liquor], doesn't make it less potent.

I had to learn that the hard way at the WOOT, WE HAVE A LIQUOR CABINET party last Friday. I told Becky, the accountant, to account for me to stop drinking hard liquor after 12 and to start me up on lesser spirits (ie wine). Now of course Becky, being the most awesomest accountant I know, did the job perfectly. What Becky didn't tell me was that I was going to get shithoused. But I suppose I can't blame her for that. She is an accountant anyways. I am always shocked when she dresses herself all "non-accountant-y"

Anyways, yeah.

Wine can get your ass.

Later that night when I was throwing up in my bathroom, I almost freaked out but then realized that I had in fact drank red wine... and therefore wasn't puking blood.

Everytime I get that drunk, I have sophomore year flashbacks. I'll write more about that soon. Goodtimes.

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