Thursday, December 28, 2006


Guy walks in the Borders with a book to return. The book was Charles Frazier's Thirteen Moons. I noticed a smell. A spagetti smell. I thought to myself, "Ah.. he probably just went to lunch." But no... the smell wasn't coming from him.

I looked at the book, as I usually do. There was spagetti sauce all over the book!!!

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"I can't return this book; it's not in sellable condition."
He looks at me oddly. "Why?" he asks.
"There's sauce all over the book." As he looks confused, I show him the book.
"That couldn't of happen" he explains.

I confirm with the manager and tell him that we just can't do it. He huffs and puffs (like a small child) and stomps away.

Then he returns, and says it just wipes right off.


I do the return, only to make him go away. I then do a damaged report on the book. No one should have to pick up a book only to have it smell like an italian dish of sorts. This isn't Barnes & Noble, you know.

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