Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gingerbread mania

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After reading the roommate's take on our Gingerbread Extravaganza '06, I guess I should put my two cents in with a different perspective.

So here are the differences between our viewpoints.

  1. Although Jason makes excellent observations by explaining them in great detail and with a great deal of eloquence, I have pictures!!! Take it!

  2. The whole dissonance of opinion can be easily viewed in this two pics.

  3. Note how in one picture the people are all in their assigned seating around the table, each has his or her appointed duty for gingerbread house construction, instructions are being read and followed, and no one is showing the slightest sign of enjoyment.
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    If you look at the other picture you see smiles, gingerbread house supplies everywhere, booze, vodka cleverly hidden in a 7up bottle, colored people... fun.
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  4. The SMUers did make cookies... white sugar cookies... uhuhmmmm.

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  6. But to say that these kids didn't go wild would be an understandment... they did managed to dirty EVERYTHING in the kitchen by exploding blender full of rum.

  7. Did you see Megan's "talented and gifted 4th grade teacher" haircut! hehe. Loves it.

  8. that Devon...
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  10. Here's all the pics from the party. enjoy.

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