Friday, September 29, 2006

a price for everything

So the work posted a bulletin up stating that if anyone wanted extra hours (overtime included), they were available for us. All we had to do was RLP (basically pull items off the shelf). It sounded easy enough. And extra hours?! HELLS YEA!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The RPL was scheduled for Thursday night. I was already working 7 to close, so why not? I signed up. Store closed at 11ish and I started RPLing. They gave me the kids section. At first I thought, this couldn't be bad. I would just have to find Green Eggs & Ham or some junk like that. Everything is in it's place; alphabetized, catagorized and ready to be pulled.

Boy was I so wrong.

My first Kids subsection was Games. Ooh, I see the sign. How convenient. I'm so on top of this. The game section is like six shelves. I have about 30 items to pull just on these small six shelves. So easy. I look the the first item. The Author, Title, and BINC was listed. I pull random book just to see where the Cs were at... Hmmm, the book seems to be in the wrong section. KIDS GIFTS, it read. Well that's not right. Oh well. I pull the next book, and the author is Thomas. Ahem... T? That shouldn't be here either... So after a while I realized that I was going to have to search for each book/activity kit by browsing the whole section. It didn't help that the kid shelf are miniaturized for a child's conveniance. Damn kids... gotta be all short.

After an hour my back, my neck, my knees are all sore. UGH.

I'm searching through these obscure authors/publishing kid stuff. It's hard! I jump for joy when I see something that needs to be RPL'd from Disney or Batman cause it's something familiar that I probably can find easily.

Kakuro for Kids: The Ninja Edition
Pom Pom Pets
Doll Hair
Quilt your own patch!

Even those were some of the easy ones. I just hated the ones with titles that couldn't be properly deciphered like Amer Girl HT H'psc'th KT

Damn you abbreviations! Damn me for the one day I didn't bring my ipod!! That would of been helpful.

I did learn that time flies when you're frustrated looking for something called Paper Fun. Paper Fun?! What the hell can that mean?! Yes, it's in the Kids CRAFTS section. It costs 24.95 so it should be a big package, right?! Where are you?!! Screw that. It will be lost to the Kid Section forever.

I didn't finish. Not even close by the time the boss was all like "You guys still here? It's like 2:30." nonchalantly. Yeah, right.. she knew we were here slaving over misplaced books. I suggested that we just set fire to the entire Children's Section. Who would miss it? We don't even like kids at bookstores anyway! If you want a kid related item, go to Barnes & Noble for storytime.

We don't want you here!

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