Monday, August 28, 2006

perfection overload

Are today's graphic artists just not trying anymore? Or are they all obsessed with designing video game characters that they forgot how to humans look?
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Seriously?! This is ridiculous.

What happened to the days when a photographed half nude celebrity was CGI'd realistically? A couple of flaws here and there. It's what makes a person attractive. Not perfection.

Now I know this subject is a little biased. It's Janet Jackson after all. She's like 47 or something, right? And she supposedly lost like 50 pounds in two weeks or some shit like that. Her "Jazzercising with Paula Abdul" Dvd must be broken from playing it too many times. OR she had some help from Jesus... Dr. Jesus... head of surgery Jesus.
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Could she need this much work to look remotely normal? That can't be possible, right? I mean, she looks like an anime character.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was really her next cover.

On an unrelated note, party at Cory's house on Saturday. It's the "SMU's lst game of the season -slash- Frank Bday" celebation. So mainly it's a gathering of random people watching me get actin' a fool. Oh yeah, and I think there will be other things... but who cares about that?! It's all about Me! ME! ME!!

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