Saturday, July 29, 2006

kids and geeks rejoice

Today is Harry Potter's birthday. Can you imagine that the boy who lived is still living?! Don't the past tense mean that he is gonna die soon? The boy battles great evils and survives to enter his awkward teenage years.

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Anywho. If you are wondering why Frank knows Harry Potter's Bday, it is not what you think. I don't like Harry Potter or any related fictional character. The only association I have is from the movies that I was forced to watch and the one and a half books in the series that I have read. No. No. No.

As you guys probably know, it is now my job to know this kind of information. So if someone comes up to me and asks "What is on July 29?" I have the pain-staking pleasure of that knowledge.

Damn you.

So "Border's Books | Music | Movies | & Cafe" is having a little shindig for our little lightening bolt scarred boy, Harry Potter. So a little FYI, kids:

Will he be there in person? [Don't be stupid.]
Will there at least be a reading? [sighs.]
Specialized "Harry Potter" atmosphere? [They had tables and chairs in Hogwarts, right? And I guess the Service Manager kinda looks like Haggart.]
Is it only for small children? [Are Harry Potter books only for kids? Yes, they are... but that doesn't stop older geeky people from reading... same applies here.]
Why should I go? [ 1) I'll be there 2) cake]
Can I dress up? [hehehe.]
What was the budget for this thing? [$20?]
When? Where? [11am, July 29, 2006, Border's - West Village / Uptown]

hehe. Jason totally knew about this too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, I know you aren't making fun of people who like harry potter..... You get way to excited about your reality shows to really be able to mock those of us who like to read books about magic. Have you read the last book? Its not little kids stuff anymore......


11:52 AM  

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