Monday, September 25, 2006


So I've decided that I am going to start up drawing comics again. For all of you people who don't know the joy that is my comics [aptly named The Wacky Adventures of Devon, Jason and Jim], it should be funtimes.

It's not going to be exactly what I did last time. Characters are different! There is revamping due to better technology and my drawing skills/patience/time/interest for it has shifted toward the positive realm. Keep in mind that the first couple of things are going to be crude and this whole blog is going to be changing along too.

New/slightly different layout.
New comics.
New wacky adventures.

Stay tuned kids.

[Disclaimer: The characters in my comics, although bear striking resemblances, are fictional. It's a fine line between referencing reality and fantasy. If you and/or someone you know is character'D or mentioned, just get over it. If I hate/hated you, expect it... these are my coping mechanisms. You don't like it? Go to hell]

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