Friday, October 13, 2006


Every once and a while, Frank decides to take up something new. It's like a leap year type of occurance. He likes certain things and that's it. When he does try new things, it's crazy insane.

There was that time when he tried the Atkin's Diet in college. He doesn't talk about the experience much because it was hell, but he lost 40 pounds. One day he will show you pictures to prove it. They are quite dramatic.

Then there was the girlfriend. What? Frank is straight now?! I'm confused. Well, we all were. Some are still trying to grasp the concept even now that it's long over, but who can blame them? Frank is an idol to most.

Perhaps the biggest one was when a shy, scared then freshman, went to his first college party. He doesn't usually drink, so decides to drink one of everything. Frank then goes on the next year to break the record in drinking a pitcher of beer in an organization that may or may not exist.

Now it's time for another huge leap for Frank.

But what can it be? It seems like Frank has conquered everything. Well, not everything. There's like two things Frank hasn't done. One is curing cancer. Okay, perhaps three things: Curing Cancer, Walk through the concord on Haskell without having birds try to poop on him AND...

Join the internet RPG video game sensation!

(hehe, it's kinda fun talking in 3rd person. Love it)

It's not like I'm playing World of Warcraft (yet). I'm playing Guild Wars, cause I think paying to be a nerd would be too much for me. I can't afford to be poor AND socially inept.

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Blogger Jason said...

"I can't afford to be poor AND socially inept."

Ooh, that was a thinly veiled insult directed at me, wasn't it?

Don't incur my wrath; I could bring about an internet flame war that would burn this blog to the very ground.

9:53 AM  
Blogger frank said...

You're such a drama queen Jason. I was talking about Mark Swanson.

but if you think you fall into the same catagory, that's not my fault. You just have self esteem issues.

(and yea, right! I made your blog, and I can break it!)

2:35 PM  

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