Saturday, September 30, 2006

thank you training videos

Guy walks in. He wants to return a CD. He has the receipt. The receipt is from Chicago and shows that he returned a previous item to buy the CD he is about to return. It shows he paid with a combination of store credit and cash. He wants cash back.

Not so unusual. Perhaps he's just cheap.

After managerial approval, the dubious cashier completes the return transaction. Then immeadiately afterwards, the guy pulls out three more returns each one with its own receipt just like the initial return.

The cashier thinks to himself, "You greedy bastard!"

He then calls the manager for every and any little thing fishy about the next transaction.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting What? The CD wrapping is slighty torn?
Hey? This receipt looks odd?
Oh? You want Chicago tax too?
Jigga Who? You're wondering why I have to call the manager so many times?

After a while, the manager FINALLY gets what the young diligent cashier is nonverbally communicating to him.

The manager now takes charge. He tells the guy that we cannot complete his requested returns and asks him to leave.

The guy them prepares to have a temper tantrum, with first expressing that he is in fact going to have one if he does not get his way.

Temper Tantrum executed with the usual characteristics:
1) Loudness
2) Flailing of arms
3) Curses the "corporate machine"
4) Threads of calling police
5) Harsh words directed to manager (i.e. "you're an ugly person")
6) Make eye contact with as many customers as possible
7) Just as the manager calls the authorities, guy storms out.
8) He doesn't forget his CDs either.

People don't make this shit up!

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