Friday, October 27, 2006

I have a roommate? huh?

So yeah.

Our schedules have the tendency to be contradicting. It's been about a good two weeks since we've actually conversed for like more than a second. (other than the usual call to confirm that one of us has set the VCR to record a show) It's getting pretty odd.

I've been roommates with this guy for over a year we've always been in this situation every evening:

Jason: I'm bored.
Frank: I'm bored.
Jason: What do we do?
Frank: ...
Jason: Entertain me!

That would go on for like an hour till we finally decide to go rent a movie. It was always like this. It was a routine that never failed to incessantly happen.

I guess we have lives now (or something). But I kinda miss it like the way you feel when you've done something so much for so long, you expect it--the familiarity of it all.

Well, I'm exaggerating a little about the "lives" part. Jason has his normal 9 to 5 job, and I have my crazy-rollercoaster-hours job. Between that, visiting family, trips to the ER and dating, there's no extra time.

So I joined Alumni Band. Yeah, I know. That's so weird! But on the bright side, it gave me a reason to demand days off. So now I have my Saturdays back, which is AWESOME! It makes me wish I still worked at a school, even though I woud have to deal with children (shudder) and parental neurosis. Anyways, so when I don't have a game I have my Saturday free!! woot.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah.

Next Saturday (Not this Saturday, but the next one) is Jason's bday party! woot.

So come to it, you guys! It is kind of going to be the first time that Jason and I are going to be in the same room for more than a few minutes. Should be good times.

(Yeah. I do have THIS Saturday off, but I have a date [insert smirk here]. And I think Jason might have one too I wasn't paying attention, but I think he was making it up)

PS. I've been struggling to decide whether or not to invite some of my fellow coworkers to Jasons Bday. I mean, sure he doesn't know them... but they are cool. They can add some much needed color to Jason's usual "boring orange" self.

hehe. I was having a talk with one of my FAVORITE coworking about this subject:

Frank: Do you think I would invite some of the people here to the party?
Amanda: Invite me and get me drunk!
Frank: It's like you're in my head.

It's not like we're having this huge thing, but I want it to be good. Quality over quantity, you know.

Going through the partylist

other SMU peeps

Coworkers that I would invite:
Amanda (YAY)
Adriana (2nd fav.. don't tell her that though!)
Wes (sighs)

I would totally invite ALL the people I work with. They are so likeable. Except Krista, she's a bitch. Yesterday she tried to asked me to switch days with her. (Switching to that I would work on the day of this party) I was like HEEELL NO! I guess I want these people to see a different part of me. The part that all my SMU friends already know.

Even though it is Jason's party, it's still about me!! But I'm getting him a kick ass gift anyway.

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