Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hair drama, yet again!

So after a long deliberation, I finally decide I need to do something with my gorgeous hair. It's at the point where the slightest head movement would make my hair do a "movie-so-motion-hair-flip."
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There's a place that just opened next to Borders called Floyd's Barbershop. It seems nice and is actually in my price range, which shocked me cause it's in the West Village! I go there during my lunch hour... meh, I might as well right? I'm in the neighborhood.

So I go in the place with the confident belief that I was only going to get a trim and style it professionally... yea.

I hacked it all off.
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I don't know what happened. One mintue I'm telling the hair cutting chick that I love the length of my hair.. and the next thing I'm telling her to do "whatever"

Geez, I'm a pushover.

It paid off though. My hair looks awesome... everybody thinks so! Way better than last time I cut it short. My hair just looks good short AND long. I can't change that. But it's a struggle I have to deal with till the end of days...

Long? or Short?
Luxourious? or Sassy?
Preppy? or Punk?


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Blogger Queen Paula said...

Ooo honey sugars...you look delish!

12:51 AM  

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