Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Undressed 1

This is my very first attempt at media blogging. I don't know if I'm gonna do it like this or in a different way. I'm just trying new things out and seeing if they fit or whatever.

Anyways, this used to be one of my favorite shows. I remember watching it all the time sophomore year in college. Recently, MTV reaired some episodes so this was my chance to capture them and use them to start my media blog extravaganza! I always thought this show was hilarious. The plotlines, the acting, the script.. I mean come on!! It's pure camp.

Here is one of the storylines in the show.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket A precocious girl, Annette and her two BFFs Kate and Tanya have always been considered geeks in school. And they have accepted their label and have even made themselves nerdier by having a chastity pack. It's not a "no sex till marriage" thing... No No No!! That would be too easy. It's a "you can't lose your virginity till we all lose our virginity!" kinda thing.
The scene begins in the locker room (insert "woot" and/or "Ooos" here) where Annette finds that she accidentally packs her brothers gym shirt instead of her own. Now, her younger brother is obviously manorexic naturally, so the shirt leaves nothing to the imagination when Annette wears it revealing her boobs (re: boobs!)
"You're not going to wear that?!" one girl cries. "We made a pack!" [virginity pack monolouge] "That tight shirt is going to lead to sex!!" Where's my holy water?! I think the fact that they didn't put a religious spin on the plot makes it funnier because the girls are just prudish for nothing. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Of course she gets noticed by the boy that she has always had the biggest crush on. So she swoons and giggles with her friends over it. With the virginity pack repeated like 7 times. It's beginning to look like Kate is the most prudish one. Why do the red heads always gotta be bitches? hehe.
Anyways, the less prudish one with the flat chest (I supposed she's here for the comedic relief of being unattractive AND have no boobs) orders pizza knowning that Annettes crush, Rick, is the pizza delivery guy.
The girls giggle and repeat the virginity pack before Annette sluts it up before Rick shows up. Awww, Rick asks her out. And she's excited. This is the guy Annette has been dreaming about dating and now (thanks to her rack) she's going out with him to the movies. And Kate has managed to say "Going to the movies with a cute guy?! You're gonna end up havig sex!!!" with a straight face.
All is well, everyone is getting what they want... but does Rick, the star jock, really care about Annette (no.) and how is he going to treat his (obviously eager to please and geeky) date Annette???

If you have ever watched Undressed, you'd know that there are like 4 different storyline going on at once. So I just spliced and pasted clips together. It will be a little choppy, but still watchable. I am LOVING the TVtuner and software I have!! This is the first episode.

More episodes to come!

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