Monday, April 16, 2007

this apartment sucks!

So if you haven't heard it through the grapevine yet, Jason and I have found and sign a lease for a new place. The lease starts May 1st. The leasor is a cool guy and is letting us move in as soon as he gets the place sparkling. Yeah... during the showing he was all "I'll throw in a fresh coat of paint!" But he didn't have to try that hard to sway us. We were practically sold before we even saw the joint.

Anyways we couldn't really decide if we were making an actual upgrade in living space, or was it a lateral move...

Let's look at it more objectively:
  • GOOD - it's cheap
  • BAD - neighborhood is questionable. I mean, on one side of the place there's a cute elementary school and the other is a nail salon/ liquor store. (Yes, both!)
  • GOOD - Hardwood floors. drools.
  • BAD - Even though, my room is huge... my closet is not only small, but it is going to be the washer-dryer room aswell. DAMMMIT!
  • GOOD - Not insanely far away. The places that we were looking at before were like in Plano and Duncanville.. so this locale is better than I ever thought.
  • BAD - Moving is going to be a bitch. Well, I suppose that one goes with anywhere we move.
  • VERY GOOD - My would-be bedroom isn't leaking at the moment.

Yup. After the whole radiator fiasco last time, the water has now come back wih a vengence. Instead of coming from the apartment next door, it's coming from the apartment above me. WTF, people!! Fix your own damn water crisis. My poor room! At least I have super hearing and noticed the leak before it made any water damage unlike last time. Geez, I bet the mantainance people hate me. But I don't care!!

This apartment sucks! I can't wait till I move out in a few weeks.

So now I'm waiting for the emergency mantainence guy. Ugh, it's late and I have the works tommorrow. I'm gonna be pissed all day. All this damn water, I feel like it's the seventh day and that Samora chick is trying to get me! Just when we got rid of M. Night Shyamalan! I suppose a good thing about this situation is that they do have an oncall mantainence guy. I'm not sure if they do at the new condo.

Crap, I'm crazy tired. I hate people... and water.

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