Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Just a little update. I have already been yelled at for not posting religiously, so I guess I'll start now. Here are a few things just to get you people up to speed on my life:

1) Frank's Home Life: I have so much time on my hands (see: work life). The internet has lost pretty much all of its sparkle to me. I feel like that robot, Johnny Five... I need input!

In other home news, OMG you guys! I'm sure that Jason will have a drama-infused blog about it very soon though. We had/have/seriously had a mouse in the condo! Usually only Amanda Bynes, Gay Cowboys, or a combination of the two can make Jason turn into a 11-and-a-half year old tween. teehee.

2) Frank's Work Life: As some of you know, I was in a work-related injury a while back. Well not much as change. I'm still not allowed back at work till I get the okay from my doctor. The good news is that the insurance people finally accepted my claim. Jeez, it took them 3 weeks! Hopefully I'll get back at work by the 9th of January, which is awesome cause I'm getting insanely bored at home all day. It's so not as much fun as you would think.

Yeah, so this little "break" from work as sorta gave me the courage to finally get off my ass and start thinking of what I really want to do. Rough draft plans are being sorted out, and I'll key you guys in when I make decisions in ink.

3) Frank's Romantic Life: Oh man, I have been playing it safe for a few years now. Every date I went on I've had my guard up. I have met a special person that has seen through all the BS I shell out. We are actually creeping up on that "One-Year" mark in the relationship. Naturally I'm completely freaked out about it, but I think things are going to go well.

I haven't really integrated him into my life completely, even though we have been together for so long. I guess I'm still trying to keep my defenses up just a little while longer. If you know me well, you know I don't mix my romantic stuff with my friends, family or work very often. I feel more comfortable with all them separated.

I guess that is one thing. I like to keep them separated, and he likes them all mixed. I think in the end it's better to be a more fluid person that it is to be a compartmentalized one. I think he's good for me.

4) Frank's Friends Life: If everything else wasn't so organized by group, this one definitely is. It's been a long time since I've had this many groupings of friends in my life at one point. I have my inner friends, my college friends, my old work friends, my new work friends, my BFs old friends, my BFs new friends, and my "friends that are only friends cause they are insanely fun" friends.

Yeah, I really can't mix these people together. Last time I did that it was the Gingerbread fiasco of 06. Just because we ditched the party early, stole half of the gingerhouse and threw it at Borders while driving slightly intoxicated doesn't make it a bad time! Yeah, Devon still curses me for that party. Even though one year she totally broke a bottle of red wine on my kitchen floor! ARGH!

5) Frank's Family Life: I guess I can sum this up with everything is going alot better than it was earlier in the year. My sister has moved back to Texas from Florida. She's like 6 months pregnant, and living with my Mom. Yeah, they don't get along. You would think that both of their maternal instincts would kick in, but nothing. I'm hoping that it'll happen soon.

6) Frank's Life Life: My New Years resolutions this year have nothing to do with my love life or weight, which is so unlike me. It's mostly "be happy" type things. And I think I have much to be happy about this time around.

Well. Here I go. Onward to 2008!

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