Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter... a religious holiday?!

whaa? Easter is still celebrated as a religious holiday in some part of the world? I thought that we totally commericialized the hell out of it by now. (i.e. colored eggs, bunnies, etc.) Anyways, I visited the small town of Sulphur Springs, TX. again!

So we meet Emily's mom at Rockwall for some awesome Chick-fila cusine, where I meet 2 guests that will be staying in Sulphur Springs will us during Easter... TWO SMALL CHILDREN! One's 8... and the other is 1 year old...

On the bright side, the Mom was surprisingly nice to me. At first, I thought she was accepting me or something. Then later I found out that she was being nice cause she wanted me to make a "boxed-wine" run.

Next we went to church... ON A FRIDAY! ugh, that wasn't the worst part. Apparently the people in the church caught "the Passion fever." We were overjoyed to see how Jesus was turtored by the Jews including the loud clanking of nails in a large replication of the cross.

After that madness was over we had to drop off Emily's brother to some party... heh. Middle school parties never cease to amaze me. It was out in the middle of nowhere.. There was a barn involved. AND HAY STACKS SURROUNDED BY A FIRE! But naturally, all the kids were away from the "fun of the hay stacks and barn" and by the woods somewhere doing whatever it is that those kids do.

Saturday was the only church-free day in my whole stay. We visited one of Emily's crazy friends. She recently crashed her car again and was on the phone with her seemingly all-controlling boyfriend for the whole time we visited. She's surprisingly the most normal one of Emily's friends. After that we decided we wanted to see a movie. It was either Ice Princess or Miss Congeniality 2... We chose the second one. It was okay, not as good as the first one. Sandra Bullock looks really old to be running around in sequins. Anyways the interesting thing happen after the movie. We were lefting the movie theater. It was kinda wet and rainy. We were moving quickly to the car. I slipped and fell, while Emily still runs to the car. I scaped the hell outta my knees. When we get back to the house, everyone is eating dinner. And here I am obviously bleeding to my death... goodtimes.

Later we play Balderdash... ugh. I make second place, Emily wins it.

It's church day! I somehow woke up early... 5:30AM!! After that, I'm sleepy all day. Church was better than Friday... there wasn't any weridness just regular church stuff... praying, singing, something about walking 7 miles, etc.

Anyways church lesson for the trip: Don't push people to believe... but when they do wanna believe... ram everything in their faces a la The Passion.
Or something like that. meh.

Non-church lesson: Emily's brother is an odd boy. Not only does he make duct tape wallets, he makes duct tape bags, hats and other accessories. He also writes poetry about bullies and recites them in front of his family. And it's really, really weird that a 14 year old boy enjoys playing with the 8 year old girl alot.
meh, maybe it's cause my 14 year old brother is so the opposite... He plays every sport ever. Doesn't write poetry. And really hates his younger sisters.
Oh well, diversity is good I suppose.

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