Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Still At Emily's

Well, I'm sill at Emily's! I thought I would blog cause it's a special day!

Emily and Frank's One Month Anniversary!
woot woot

Anyways, it's a blast dating Emily. I'll make a list of reasons why Emily is awesome... in no particular order.

1. cute (non-annoying) mannerisms [i.e. her half open eye thing]
2. she's from a tiny, tiny town. Sulphur Springs is a fun, homey town.
3. family and friends are non-insane. (only alittle) well... who's family isn't a little kookie. Her mom is crazy. Her dad's a preacher. Her brother plays the Star Spangled Banner on his guitar every hour on the hour.
4. Her genetically defective fingers...wait.. strike that.
5. she has an awesome computer
6. she's nice.
7. courdroy handbag! she has style now!
8. dog, Toby
9. her awesomeness.


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