Sunday, December 12, 2004

Xmas Graham Cracker Houses!

So, anyways. I didn't have my cam at this adventure but Jason did. So he'll probably do a better job of recapping that night. So I'll let him do it. I'll just post some pics and add somewhat hilarious commentary.

This one is of all of us posing in front of our grand graham cracker house! There's a snowman that's in front but you can barely see it! and ummm... yea... Sean looks weird with his hands in this pocket while standing behind me... DUDE! I'm taken Sean!

Here's me and my amazing church house!! It's the church of Eric! I made it. It was the more stable of all the houses people made. I built it like the El Tajin pyramids! From the top down! oh yea! What's with my hair?! ugh.

Here's all of my again... but you can see my snowman this time!!! YAY!!

This is Jason. with this belief on houses: the taller the better. he wins the height contest.

Sean. at least he tried.

PS- go to Jason blog to get a better recap. I'm just too lazy.

On a related note... here's what Jason gave me for Xmas... no seriously he did!

i didn't know how to respond... shocked.

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Blogger Jason said...

Whatever. You know you love them. They are both awesome and good luck. I love Christmas!

And P.S. - that picture of Sean never fails to crack me up.

8:35 PM  

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