Monday, October 18, 2004

TV is crushing my will to live.


Oh my! On Sunday, I watched all day! If you saw my away messages then went alittle something like this:
  • TVing
  • TV, yet again!
  • Tv, I'm addicted!
  • Reading, I promise!
  • TV.
I blame bad shows/movies! They are so addicting! Here are the shows I watched... I swear I watched them to their entirely.
  • Shallow Hal - About a PTSD guy (Jack Black) whose live is completely turn upside-down with the help of some whack job. The guy now sees what beauty within people, therefore ALL ugly people are really beautiful inside. In the end, Jack finally sees the error of his wicked, wicked ways and decides to like a fat Gwenith Paltrow chick.
  • Sports - So my roommate made me watch some baseball game with some hispanic guy named Cabera... m'er?
  • Surreal Life - the old washouts make a song. Jordan Knight (new kidsOTB) sings and teh windows shadder from the dissonance. (And I know what you music people are thinking. How can one voice be dissonant? Well, it's because this voice clashed with every physical theory. it wasn't natural!) Then Charo was insane and probably PMSing or something... it thats possible at her age. Ryan Starr (american idol) whines for 26 minutes cause she has to sing Jordan's crappy song. Brigette Neilson is passed out on some couch somewhere. Flavor Flav wears a vikings helmet and plays off-beat drums. That guy from Full House makes trumpet sounds in the background.
  • Nip/Tuck - This show is actually worth watching! F/X is repeating the whole first season! And I caught the first episode. Very interesting. So, Sundays at 9pm... I'm so there! Although the first 30 mins does conflict with Surreal Life and that show is the only show I've kept up with this season!
Anyways, TV is insane! but I love it! Cable is so great!

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Blogger Jason said...

Are you skipping the Desperate Housewives now? And you call yourself a TV watcher? For shame.

Additionally, mad props for not pimping anything Ryan Starr related. Perhaps the obsession is finally over.

2:46 PM  
Blogger frank said...

of course I watched Desparate Housewives!! thats a given!

12:08 AM  

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