Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The sickness continues...

I'm still freakin' sick! It's so stupid. I'm taking all these pills (thank you Health Center!) for my ear infection, but now the sickness has spread to other areas. I can't stop producing snot! It's like a wacky Nickelodeon competition up there. There's little bits of rolled up tissue papers everywhere in my room. (Probably doesn't look good to the unknowing.)
My voice is getting so nasal! I sound like a surfer on crack. I have to sing in the musical skit on Thursday and Friday for Pigskin!! I hope it goes away by then. OR ELSE everyone will hear Ryan Jenkins sings! oh, the horror.
So now, of course, the weather is getting colder. Damn fall! Why are you coming now!? while I'm sick! The weather hates me... and Kent sucks!
The good stuff
1) After completely bombing my Minority-Dominant Relation Exam, my professor just emailed me saying that the exam was defected and to add 8.55 points to my exam score! So... I still did badly, but now not so much! woot, woot!
2) The promise of getting insanely drunk at the Homecoming Party on Saturday! oh yeah, Alums and alcohol... lovely! I just need a release for this crappy week. If you see me at the party without a drink in my hand (no matter how drunk I am) quickly say "Frank! get drunk!" I will thank you later.
3) I just read an amusing email from someone's preacher Dad.... I'm still laughing now! I wish my parents were "afterschool special movie weird" instead of "real-life weird."
4) My roommate bought me a bag of chips!! Because at the party they had last week, one of thier guest stole my chips!!! Mmmm, cool ranch. Anyways, I wondered if they had notice my two boxed Dvd seasons of Queer As Folk next the those chips?

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