Saturday, April 09, 2005

goin home

So I'm going home today. It kinda feels good to go home and rest from school and junk. Anyways, I know you guys are going to miss me alot so I thought I would search the internet for fun things to do, so that you guys won't be all "I miss Frank so much!"

Games/ Fun Activites
Catch the Fly!
Get hooked again! [Road Block]
Lite Bright
Make your own Snowflake
Feed a model

Funny shit!
The Man's Commandments
Prison Bitch Name Generator
crazy ads
Freshman project ideas!
How to become an Evil Overlord

Weird Stuff
for Emily's bro
some gene-altering crazy shit.
like death much?

Give this to your worst nemesis
reserved only for Christy Chermak
How can anyone possibly be evil enough for this?

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