Monday, May 02, 2005

dammit kehler!

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So Kehler sent us an email from the listserve. Everyone gets this in their mailboxes. Dammit, Kehler! No one wants to see the band from the Gayborhood and their odd male twirler during finals week! ARGH! Go turn in our grades in Access!! I hate this week.

Good to see the list serve is appropriately used.

PS: Kehler resigned like 2 seconds after he sent this. Way to come out AND leave with a bang, eh Kehler?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, I just happened to type in "mustang band hell week" on yahoo and it took me to your page. What you wrote about Dave made me laugh out loud! HUBBA! Hope you and other M'sters are doing well. See you at a game some day.


Carl (C-Nuck) Nuckels

9:32 PM  

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