Friday, April 29, 2005

movie review.

so I watched Stage Beauty.

Becky picked it out. It's about when guys played girls in English theatre. Then Claire Danes is all whiney about it. So she's all "I can play a woman too! I AM a woman!" So the King/emperor declares that women can play women and men cannot. Then the main guy who that always plays a women is now finding out that the can't act like a man, so him and Claire Danes start making out and like a week earlier he was shackin'up with this other guy... Claire Danes is so cheap.
Anyways, now Claire Danes realizes that she can't act at all. So she somehow seduces that guy into tutoring her on acting. It was all crazy. The end is sort of a twister, I don't wanna give it away... cause Claire Danes might actually end up dead... or not.

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