Thursday, July 21, 2005

I'm so cursed.

So yeah.

My phone is freaking out.
My internet is not working well, and when it does work it is SOO slow!
I keep getting job interviews from Irving/ Las Colinas.
I have absolutely no care for my physical appearance anymore.

Where to start?!

Phone: What gives?! I need phone! stupid phone, arg.
Internet: You would think that I would be used to the internet failing me all the time, but I'm not!! It stilll kills me a little inside when my internet doesn't work. arg.
Jobs: what?!!! Am I destined to move to Irving and live a life there?! First a mono scare, now all these Irving job interviews?! I might as well get a huge blonde wig and start parking in fire lanes all the time a la Megan.
Appearance: I can remember a time when I used to do the following daily...
- Comb hair
- Look in the mirror to admire myself.
- Take saucy face pics of myself to make fun blog banners
- Make fun of at least three of my friends looks (i.e. Jason being 47; Monica's hair; Becky's buisness attire)
- Ask myself, "Do I really need to eat this whole thing? It's kind of fattening."
- Not eat candy.

What gives?! I used to be so into me. ugh.
so cursed.

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