Sunday, July 10, 2005

what a day

Two things today:

1) You know those days when you start to realize the answers to life's hard questions? Days when you feel like you're about to come upon an idea so simple and true that you wonder why do people think of anything else. The kind of realizations that you thought you would never reach unless you were strainded on some secluded island somewhere and therefore forced to be alone with our own thoughts. Well, something like that happened to me today.

I wasn't on a deserted island or alone by any means.

I realized that I absolutely need my ipod. I just can't live without it. It is involved in almost every major and minor function of my life. When I walk to the store. IPOD. When I'm chillin'. IPOD. When I'm happy. IPOD. When I'm blue. IPOD. When I watching TV. IPOD.

My ipod is very essential to me. How weird is that? So I realized this fact this week when my ipod was out of commission for some reason. stupid computer. I needed that installation CD and couldn't find it for the life of me.

Anyways, I totally know the feeling of not realizing how much something means to you until you lose it. Or lose the functionality of it.

2) Funny story actually. Not really. Jason and I went to furniture shop. And I never thought it would be such a hard job. It's not that we didn't find any stores. We found plenty. And I also found out that I apparently live in the furniture district. yeah, there's a district!!

ugh. So why is all the furniture in the world so hideous? I mean, do people actually buy 93% of all the furniture out there? I'm appauled. My grandmother seriously has better taste.

First of all, leather couches. NO! I'm probably a little biased when it comes to leather couches since my parents had them since I was 9 years old. But shouldn't that theoretically mean that I would like them more? The familiarity of it should be soothing or whatever. Remind me of my childhood of good memories like in the movies?
STUPID unrealistic movies!! Always giving people false hopes. Anyways, I don't like leather couches. I also hate traditional furniture. I mean, it doesn't have to be abstract or anything (Picaso endtables, heh).
So we didn't find much. The things we did find were a bajillion dollars.

heh. We could always tell where in the stores the clearance furniture was. They are always in the areas with really bad lighting. Hospital flourescent lights yields cheap creepy furniture.

eww. And we went to a store where they were only open for like 6 more days. There were like 78 million people there scrambling to get a deal on a crappy couch or rug. It was insane. And for most of the things in there, we had to negociate the price. Haggling?! Who does that for furniture?! We weren't in a flea market... not in a used car dealership... not in a garage sale either. And of course Jason finds the most hideous furniture set ever and falls in love. It'll match everything in my living room he exclaims. ugh. Just because the furniture has every piece of every fabric and design imaginable in one couch set doesn't mean it goes with anything. Frankinstein didn't match with anything. In matter of fact, he clashed with everyone. Hello! Angry torch-bearing Mob! So we ended up not getting anything, cause we were scared to haggle. You would be too!

Anyways, I'm at the point where I don't care what's in my living room. As long as I have my ipod, I'll survive.

my precious ipod.

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