Thursday, June 02, 2005

congrats to Frank

He can eat some solid foods now.


It's almost been a week since I've had a coke! I'm losing it.
BUT...who saw that new show on the WB, Beauty and the Geek?! Wow. Just when we thought Ashton Kutcher was going away for a while... he's back and making shows. This show can be described in one word: Awkward! OMG. So there are 5 geeks and 5 beauties that are coupled together so they can suck up eachothers intelligence and social skills. There's only been the premiere episode, but I'm already dying from it.
The theme for the competition this week was 5th grade. The geeks/beauties were asked 5th grade questions! One girl couldn't spell "tattoo." Another girl didn't know 3 states that started with "New." Not that the geeks were any better. One geek didn't know that Vogue was a magazine AND a Madonna song. How is this knowledge considered 'social skills' material? They did make the geeks dance though. I suppose that's in the realm.
But naturally among the geeks/beauties there is this cute guy who doesn't look like a nerd at all! Just because he's in Mensa. And he's already sparked up a romance with one of the beauties. Stupid WB. Then there's this girl who got all the 5th grade questions right... and the reason she's on the show is that she the 'sorority girl.' Doesn't that mean that she's IN college? Don't you have to have at least a high school diloma or equivilence to get into college?! No wonder she answered the questions correctly. It's an unfair advantage, but her geek is like the geekiest one there.... so I'll let it slide.


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Blogger Jim said...

Now be honest frank.... how many of the 5th grade questions did you get right? Can you name the states?

10:01 AM  

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