Wednesday, August 17, 2005

workin' hard

It's only been three days in working at a Catholic school but I gotta say... I'm not entirely suicidal yet.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm very surprised that I'm not praying for death by now. That's insane! lemme explain. Here are my duties, and YES they are divided up in sections!! seriously! Who knew that the Catholics really do have order to things.
1) Section 1: Sign in kids and pass out the snack. This was actually my first duty ever. I was the team leader. (btw, I am now programmed to answer what I do with "I work in a team!") Anyways, all the kids whose parents are enjoying happy hour after work, file in to the cafeteria to sign up for Extended School Care. The cafeteria, along with everything else, is very tiny and not as gaudy as I orginially thought a Catholic school would be. Who knew that government-assistance was that integral the look of a school. Poor, poor private schools. Where was I? Oh yeah, kids from the ages of preschool to eighth grade are crowding into the cafeteria. Luckily there's like 2 teachers on staff to help us. Otherwise we would surely parish.
Then it's snack time! Oh the joy of afterschool snacks. Usually lemonade and cookies/ chips. Too bad we have to make it cause I don't make it drinkable at all. Don't ask me to taste test it!! I'm bad! I'll drink anything!! Ugh and not to mention the kids practically tear everything up. Those darn kids. Being all crazy. But that's not the worst thing. Kids talk too!! Not only do they do things, they talk!! People shouldn't have the ability to talk till like age 18 seriously. It would solve so much. Anyways, this little girl (5th grade? They all look 8 years old anyways) happen to get a napkin with a hole in it and she's all "What?!!!" Freaking out over a napkin! So I told her she got it cause she was special. worst reply ever! I walked away then she's all "HEY! what does that mean!?" Then I finally got the special (read: "special") reference. "Ummm, you're unique... look it up!"
ugh... catholic school = lots of prayers
Section 2: Stretches! OH. MY. Thank the gym-faires for the gym! A place where children can wear themselves out with very little interaction by me. I can fully participate by throwing random shaped balls that cross me as kids run wildly for them. fun stuff. At least this gets them tired and therefore controllable later. Unlike today when the director convieniantly forgot section 2... ugh... kids everywhere! Luckily there's a condition stimulus that tranquilizes them: Clapping two times. But on days without the gym, mere clapping doesn't work! kids everwhere!
Sections 3&4: These are interchangable sections whose sole purpose is to separate the young kids and the older kids. I like the go with the old kids, but they tend to be more in tuned with logic and common sense. But there are times when I get stuck with the youngens.
Trying to entertain these kids is hard. And there's only one movie day a week!! Just one!! I can't wait for fridays! Ah, there's the kid who likes to hit me with a loola-hup every five minutes. That's fun. Then there's the two kids who chase eachother around the room trying to kiss. eww.
Fighting kids. How do people deal with fighting children? If I didn't have the clap-clap, I would die. Thank you for the clap-clap! sighs. Why do brothers have to fight over a combination bike lock?!

I do like my job though. :D
Anyways, at least I'm getting paid eventually. heh. Two more days till the weekend! Oh yeah!

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Blogger Jason said...

I'm gonna assume that you used 'parish' on purpose as (an actually sort-of funny Catholic) pun, and say Bravo.

Well played, Francisco. Well played, indeed.

2:09 PM  

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