Tuesday, August 09, 2005


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- cheap crap
- free water
- convienant flat packaging of products

- Only 4 percent of the items at Ikea are either (a) not hideous, (b) practical, or (c) require only little assembly.
- Free water!! Yeah, that's cause you have to wait in a 15-mile line to even get inside the place. And when you finally get in, the place is maze-like. So EVERYONE has to follow the specific route EVERYWHERE to see absolutely EVERYTHING in the store before you can escape. No Exits till the end of the maze. There's like 13 million people trying to get through this mouse experiement at the same time.
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ugh. So many hoards or people. If not for the children's center keeping some of the kids, I would of died.
- Flat packaging... that gives you the illusion that it doesn't weight much... but in fact it makes small VCR-sized packages weigh 68 pounds.

Do I reccommend Ikea?...

well, if you can handle all the CONS then be my guest but don't say I didn't warn you.

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