Wednesday, August 24, 2005


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Okay so work is getting weird. I guess it's because now that it's been a while the children are now 'getting used to us' or whatever. Anyways, this time passed has yielded some crazy situations. I went I say 'crazy' I really mean 'afterchool special crazy.'
I had no idea that these things actually happened! It's like some traumatic science experiment. Here's are some of the stories.

1) Kid games.
They aren't like the kid games on cool Disney movies at all! People get hurt. worst enough, I get hurt! Some weird kid hit me with the soccer ball like 3 times! How can three times be an accident!? I guess I can't complain. I was the goalie, after all. STILL!! They kid has it in for me. I can't turn my back on that kid for a second.
This girl bit her tongue when she fell to the floor after doing sprints. Blood was everywhere. It's kinda horrifing when a 4 year old that you are supposed to be 'taking care of' starts incessantly bleeding a river on her bright yellow Catholic school uniform. Thinking, OH MY GOD, I'm going to be on one of those new reports about bad neglecting daycare people who shake babies or forget that the kid is allergic to chocolate; feeding them a hersey bar.
AND... the game Red Rover is now revoked from children everywhere! I mean... how is this game fun and safe?! First of all, the kids can't decide for the life of them who should come over! So of course, 7 people come running at the same time. And at that moment, you see like 4 kids getting 'clothes-lined' and the rest causing a tremor in the line of children. ugh... kids flying everywhere. I can hear the new cameras coming already.

2) Kid personality = Parents personality
WOW. so cliche! yet so true!

3) Kid crimes.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! dude... just dude! seriously! You are not going to believe....

I... just... can't!

Now, I don't know the kid who did this. Or if he is even a 'regular,' but one of the kids did an INSANELY SHOCKING thing to one of the people I work with. OMG! I just can't deal. All I can say is that if one of the kids did that to me, I would do one of the following.
a) I would immediately punch the kid. Then, after a minute or so, after realizing what I done, I would run like hell.
b) Grab the kid and throw him. I don't know where yet. Probably in the vicinity of his parents. Then run like hell.
c) Get offended. quit.
d) cry.
e) Bribe another kid to kick his ass.
f) die... emotionally.
or g) which was what the woman did, not overreact.

So I'll leave it up to your imagination on what the kid actually did. But it wasn't cool.

Anyways, this is so crazy. And there's also stuff going on with us staff peoples.
There's this women, middle aged, from Africa. She was a teacher in Africa and she has decided not to be one here in the US. why? Well, she says that schools in Africa are more strict and allow corporal punishment.
And me... being the liberal/psychology degreed/"pro-I'm not living in the stone ages, so I don't have to spank my kids to teach them societal rules" that I am, I felt I should say something...

but I didn't...

it's been a long day.. and there was NO way I was going to open that can of worms especially after the kid-misbehaving-incident. ugh. I can't change the world!

but if a work day goes by that a kid doesn't a) bite her own tongue, b) start stripping in the cafeteria, c) goes into a confession on how she's totally in love with you, d) explains he has ADHD and so he has to do his homework before his last pill runs out of juice, e) tells me 'who likes who' dragging me to each person and pointing, eyebrows raised, or f) spits on you.... I'll go untraumatized.

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