Wednesday, October 12, 2005

stupid parents.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay so part of my job at the Catholic school I work at is to make sure all the parents pick up their neglected kids after we've done our "snack-gym-hw-fun" thing. Usually parents are good at remembering that they do in fact have kids and that they are not just going to walk their butts home like normal children. They might make a wrong turn and end up at the Gay-borhood. So thank the heavens that there is an afterschool program where they can leave their winy kids, whom I so wittingly nicknamed "The Oedipal."

Anyways, it's a living.

So every now and then we get the stragglers of the straggled. Oedipals that stay after... extended care. Oh man... so three hours isn't enough?! You parents have to take away my newly-started gym routine too?! Luckily, no shows were missed. Now there are 2 sisters left. And all the rest of my coworkers go charging to the door. It's only me and the boss. "I gotta go to a meeting." damn. Just me.

Here is how this extra, extended care works. Usually one day of the program is 5 bucks. Although some parents do not even understand this basic concept. "But I was only 10 minutes late?!" Yeah... 10 minutes late after we started. Need I remind you that we don't start till a quarter till. So technically, you're 25 minutes late! Sp just deal with the 5 bucks and learn from it. Sorry you can't add fries to your order next time. ARGH. yeah... so 6pm is the latest we stay. and if you're late it's a dollar a minute. Sound reasonable enough?

Back to the two sisters...
They stayed... and the time was flying by. Where the hell are their parents?! The girls call a parent. Apparently she is still at work. WHAT?!! BLAH!!!! "Can we just walk home?" one asked. And you have no idea how much I just wanted to say okay, whatever. But I'm moral and there are rules! Anyhow, I was pissed and wanted to get that money which was adding up at the time.

So long story short... She came 30 mins. late. Math time!

30mins x 1dollar x 2sisters = ca-ching!60

So the lady was all like I'll give you a check tommorrow. And I was like whatever... I know where your children go to school and I have access to their snack before I give it to them if anything goes wrong.
Tommorrow comes, no check... just cash.. and of course she's short 10 bucks.


but perhaps I'll just let it side since I'm so unpetty and non-neglectful.
Anyways, another day... another

OH YEAH! Those are the same girls that asked me to go upstairs and I told them that it wasn't allowed... then 3 seconds later asked to go to the restroom and went upstairs anyways....

wow... apple doesn't fall far from the tree. What a day.

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