Tuesday, September 20, 2005

updates!! gossip!!

heh. I threw that last word in to attract Monica. It's a shout out.

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I'm substitute teaching Friday!! woot. woot.
I'm with the 6, 7, & 8 graders for Math/ Religion.

kinda scary.

And I'm pretty sure (with advise from the only out-Catholic I know, Monica) it is two distinctive subjects and not Math and Religion intergrated like I orginially thought. heh. Imagine that...

2 + 2 = JESUS!

craziness. Anyways, I'm excited and a little scared! AHH! Can I do this?! I guess it will be an adventure. I'll report back to you guys on Friday about it.

Oh my! Today at work was hectic! Why are kids really do the darnest things?! whoa. First of all, one of the teachers was like seriously pissed from something. She was like meaner than usual. Whoa... if she wasn't too old, I would say she was "on the rag", menstra.., ummm... hysterical all day. Anyways, I tried to stay away from her for the most part. And that was extremely hard since like TWO people showed up today!! BAD EMPLOYEES! BAD!
ugh... then there's the children...the children! If it wasn't the boy who was screaming and spelling curses in the cafeteria, it was the bi-curious kindergardeners making out. If it wasn't the 245th boy who peed on himself for the 34th time, it was the preschooler who decided to take a nap on the basketball court in mid-game... crazy kids. If it wasn't the (what the teacher likes to call "the actor") kid who fake cries for no reason, it was the developmentally-challenged kid who actually needs our supervision while attention-seeking/"I'm gonna jump off the bleachers, you better look!" kids sucking up all of it.

Only a few injuries though. which is always the hierarchial plus.

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