Tuesday, September 13, 2005

choices, choices.

Okay kids, listen up. [blows whistle]

You!!! Yeah, you in the back... pay attention! Did you take your pill today?! Well, take it now!

Should I change my banner? The current one is kinda old (made it long ago). And since Emily and Christy expressed their dislike of the last banner cause of my freakishly collegen-filled lips, I decided to take that into consideration... sort of... in the opposite direction. I figured they were trying to use reverse psychology or something. DUH! I have a psychology degree! Did they really think I wouldn't get their sorry attempt to unsolve their twisted logic/advise on my banner?! Those crazy kids. They seriously need a stronger prescription or whatever.

Here's it is.

PS- How awesome do I look in a trucker hat? Sometimes I like scare myself. It's coolness.

PPS- Don't playa hate.

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Blogger Jason said...

I want to go on record as stating that the trucker hat in question is actually mine, and it is awesome.

Also, I vote no on Proposition 14 - Change Frank's Banner.

9:00 AM  

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