Monday, September 05, 2005

It's my bday!

woot! Another year, another set of wacky situations that Frank gets into. Remember my 4 M's? Well here's how they turned out.

  • Money: I got paid on the first. It's pretty cool. Money, Money, Money Money! MONEY! Of course it's not much, but at least I have it! woot!

  • Moving: Well, things didn't turn exactly how I thought they were but at least I moved. I have to wait a while to move in to the room, but it's cool being all independent in a positive degree. AND there's apparently a cat that had her kittens in our patio. It's pretty cool. The cat is protective though. We can't pet them. She hisses at us. the patio now belongs to a rouge cat and her litter. Those rebel cats are taking over the whole world!! They must be stopped!
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com
    Also... I am now coming to terms with my need to clean. I know now, that I do have a need to clean. It's just how I was raise. I need for the kitchen to be cleaned at least once a day. As long as someone does it. So if Jason doesn't do it, I HAVE to. AND... let me ask you guys something. Which of the following questions is more probable:
    1) How could someone spend an hour and thirty mintues cleaning one room?
    2) Why would someone spend an hour and thirty mintues cleaning one room?

    One implies that I'm a crazy neat freak. The other proposes that the room is sooo unbelieveably dirty that it needs at least 11 million hours to be considered inhabitable. heh.

    I'm coping.

  • Mustang Game: It was good. We almost won. Band was good too. Love that version of Varsity. cools. Here's some pics, I took.

    There was some drama at the party, but when isn't there some... meh. I still got drunk enough.

  • My Bday!: It was sooo freaking awesome!! I loved it! enough said. Thanks for everyone who wished my a happy birthday.
    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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