Thursday, September 15, 2005

hypothetical reasonings.

So yeah.
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I'm going to say some stuff and it might not make any sense to you, but if it does just pay attention.

So say I know this person. And he is having a little trouble with relationships. Let's pretend the first time I met him he was quite the socializer. He would go to parties, chill out with peeps, and even have a very active online/AIM life. But now, he doesn't. So he's getting quite frustrated with it. Even now, it's at the point where he is withdrawling himself from everyone he onced enjoyed company with. And what would my advise to him be? And why am I the type of person who can help him?

Well for those who know me, I am/was/and always will be a people's person. I have many different types of friends. I don't excude myself from any people. I don't care about people grouped together and I don't fit in or anything like that. I have the firm belief that I could walk up to anyone and feel comfortable enough to conversate with said person if I chose to.

Anyways, back to the friend. Well. My advise to this person, if he actually exists... is that being social and keeping relationships in tact isn't a kind of thing that lasts forever after you started it. You have to keep at it. Even with best friends, you have to have some sort of connection with them in order to keep that strong bond. You can't expect people to just be drawn to you for friendship. There are billions of people in this world. What makes you so special? Well, people saw it once and you can do it again. As life goes on, so do the number of new people you meet. The world doesn't stay still or slow down just because you can't keep up. It changes... the environment changes, the situations change...

You kept up with the Earth's revolutions before. You can do it again. It should be somewhat easier the bajillionth time around. So keep you head up.

And know that you still have the skillz (with a 'z'). Social skillz, that is. It's not something you can lose... it's just something that you can ignore to do.

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