Friday, October 14, 2005

there should be a law... oh wait, there is!!

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I was coming home today later than usual. At work the boss was out and I was in charge. Then when it was time to go, I still had two stragglers. I stayed with them and earn a few bucks. Of course after I hauled ass to my bus, it had already left! damn.

So I waited and waited for the next one. I didn't understand why the next bus was so late. What gives?! Anyways, when it finally came I understood why. Fair freaks!

Somehow... the bus I usually ride home is like the offical "Go to the Fair before it closes!" bus. I was stuck with all the freaks. And that is saying alot compared to the normal people who ride. (It's like I'm the only cool person on, heh) Anyways, every seat was taken. Luckily I snatched up a seat next to the lady with 17 kids. Then perhaps the most surprising thing happened.

As the bus was loading at some random stop. The bus is still full and people are now starting to stand up in the back. A couple (with kids) start laughing loudly. Not too uncommon, right? And because I have the attention span of a Diet Coke can, I glance in the direction. The wife and I make eye contact just long enough for her husband to jokingly (I hope) and not subtley grap her boob.

At this point, I'm like AHHH! The wife is like AHHH! I slowly lower my head and pray for daylight. Almost missed my stop too.

DART rule number 3257: No PDA... especially on a filled bus!


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