Wednesday, November 30, 2005

boredom wins again.

I have so much time on my hands. I think that is the main reason I'm considering starting to look for a new and/or better job. Perhaps then I'll be compelled to have a normal sleep cycle. Seriously, it's 5am now! I have absolutely no reason to stay up nor to go to sleep. I feel aimless right now.

I've taken up a few things to better occupy my time (i.e. community band, dating, exercising, etc.), but they are losing their sparkley-attention-grabbing quality. I think I'm going to give up a few of those activities. I'm definitely giving up the Oak Lawn band (for now, at least)... we are playing nothing but Christmas music and it's driving me crazy... Carol of the Bells, even in a technically all-gay band the clarinet section is still the "king queen of all that is gay", and then there's whatsherface, Sofia.... CRAP! I'm IN HIGH SCHOOL! LITERALLY!!!
With exercise... what the hell happen to that?! My one good repetitive behavior?! I think I stopped cause of my substitute teaching... I guess I can start again, eh.
And then there's dating. I think I'm just trying too hard to not be completely insane... and it's not working. I should of waited longer to start up with this one. I don't feel like my usual "Happy-Happy Frank" on dates. I'm more like "Hidden Agenda Frank." And he's an odd one, that boy. And besides... I think Jason (for once!) is dating/ acting a fool/ grinning psychotically enough for the both of us. Good for him. He's finally out of my hair a few days a week.
So the only things right now that are A) consistently non-bad, B) Unboring, C) Emotionally available whenever... are TV and the Sims: Superstar Expansion.

Mmmm, the Sims. I'm so obsessed again! How did I stop playing this game?! I remember freshman year... I was in Smith Hall... my 3rd (dear God!) roommate, Phil Jones (awesomeness!) and I would play this game non-stop!!

Oh man! Before I continue I have to tell you guys a Phil Jones story!! We were in our dorm (probably playing Sims, watching Blind Date, or trying to hide our illegal cable hookup from the RA). We were just heading to bed (our lofted beds), and Phil jumped up to his bed... and hit himself in the balls!!
It looked like it hurt like hell... but I could not contain my laughter! HILARIOUS! I must of laughed for 5 minutes straight. Poor Phil.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyways... I've started playing the Superstar Expansion from the Sims and it rocks! I made a Spears-Federline family! They are so untalented it's like real life, especially since I used the money cheat! But I did make another character and named her Adriana Lima (who is currently my desktop background). For those who are headless, she is a Brazilian supermodel who is one of the main models for Victoria Secret. Anyways, I'm making her into a SUPERSTAAAAAR! Oh man... and the first time I went to show her off at a kareoke bar in town, as she walk onto the stage to sing guess who shows up?! Christina Aguilera!!
How is anyone suppose to sing when she's in the room?! I seriously thought that when my Sim would start singing, Xtina-Sim would come up to the stage and bitchslap Adriana and sing "I am Beautiful!... Words.. Can't...Brinnng... Meeee... Dowwwwn!" But I guess it was a good thing she was there... my Sim got a half a star just for her first performace! It's a great thing! I was kinda getting discouraged my the game at first. I couldn't make friends! Everyone was mean!!! What gives?! The only friend Adriana-Sim has is Kevin Federline, and that's just sad.

I can't wait to get Sims 2! Hopefully I'll get it for Christmas. :D

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