Wednesday, November 23, 2005

first time for everything.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Last week, I went home. I was home for a while on this Saturday night, when my sis came back from work about midnight. She ran upstairs and started her nighty regimen [if you ever heard the song Jumpin' Jumpin' by Destiny's Child, you know what kind of thing I mean. [I'm going to be quoting that song throughout this post, so yeah.] I wasn't surprised till she was on her way out the door, stopped, and turned to look at me and say Hey, you wanna come?

I thought to myself, one of two things can happen. 1) I can say no and go on my denial/ blissful ignorance mode. Or 2) I can say yes with the possibility of finding men with "lexus, trucks and hummers." I opted for the choice with the part where I get out and do something in it.

Crap! I haven't shaved... no haircut yet... no contacts and I have no clothes to wear. What to do? So what did I do?... The worst thing I could possibly thing of. Look in the mirror at my hideous hair amd say "Oh well. I guess I'll have to rely on my boyish charm tonight!"

absolute craziness.

After getting in the car, I am struck with an odd feeling of... "WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING?!" Turns out we are going to a birthday party of my Sis' gay friend Micheal. Oh great, a gay birthday! The one time I didn't feel like getting done up.
We pick up the Sis' boss and coworker... yeah. Her boss! I know he's about my age, but seriously! So I suggest going to get some alcohol first thing. If I'm going to get through this night, there is no way I'm going to manage being sane without it.

The party's in OakCliff and there's some crazy construction on the way there. We're lucky we found it. The birthday boy was giving us drunken directions via his cell, so one can imagine the wacky circles we did all over the place. We could hear the music from 3 block away. Why did I think that this was going to be a classy or adult event?! It reminded me of every high school party ever.
  • backyard party

  • no lights whatsoever

  • crappy DJ... probably someone's friend

  • Tejano music

  • Guys had to find a spot to pee

  • People from high school

So I saw like 3 people from high school that graduated around the time when I did. I had some awkward conversations with them. And I think I hugged them. What the hell was I thinking. I was probably getting tipsy by then. I am almost definitely positive that I was dancing. It's what I do while intoxicated. There were gay people there, but they were weird Hispanic-Gays. Let me explain. Hispanic-Gays are gay hispanics that like to down-play their gayness by either a) calling themselves Ravers, b) are way too western[belt buckles, cowboy hats, etc], or c) wearing 7 tons of bad colonge. All shave their facial hair into perfect shapes, have crazy-waxed eyebrows, a tongue ring, and light-colored contacts [blue, green, or honey/hazel]. They have names like Angel, Jorge or Flavio that have to be pronounced perfectly or they have a bitch-fit.

I decided not to go far from the pack I came with. And I tried drinking and smoking alot... perhaps it will fend off people or something. No such luck... I think like 8 people started conversations with me only to ask me for a light midway through my part of the talking. Ugh, I hate people sometimes.

Anyways, I guess it was a step up [somehow] from being at home doing nothing. Still... the Sis is alittle too wild for me to hang out with. I think I rather have her talk my head off the morning after as usual.

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