Sunday, February 12, 2006


The other day, I was at work and it was 'Movie day' and the kids were watching a bunch of Care Bear episodes.

awww... memories.
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I didn't watch the Care Bear TV show [eww, btw], but I did watch the movies that came out. My favorite and most memorable movie was the The Care Bears Movie II. I don't remember much of part one other than there was some evil book and a magician or whatever, but who cares. Anyways, I had fond thoughts of this movie as a child. I can remember bopping my head along to the cheery songs. [which if you didn't know my head was extremely large for my age. Seriously, I think the only reason I am fat now is cause I wanted my head to be somewhat proportion to my body] So I found a torrent of the movie and downloaded it off the internet [oh, the joy].

To be perfectly honest, it was exactly as I remembered it. With the exception of my sarcastic-cognate-commentary that I have now developed over the years and years of being an adolescent. So here's a few things I caught on to.

  • So in the beginning of the movie, TrueHeart Bear and NobleHeart Horse were like the only adults taking care of the little CareBear babies. I don't know if NobleHeart was supposed to be a dude, but with that haircut... she looked like something else.

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  • Care-a-lot / Kindom of Caring had a rainbow water fountain. And all I could think of as a kid was "That's so unrealistic!"

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  • My favorite CareBear was WishBear! He/She ruled.

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  • the Evil villian of the movie.

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  • The evidence is starting to pile. Rainbows are gay!

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  • Did anyone actually like Secret-Heart Bear? I mean, I didn't know anyone. He/She didn't even talk?! Who likes mute cartoon characters?

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  • Peer Pressuring someone into Evil! It happens everyday.

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  • Ever notice that the CareBears stare/ Cousins call looks exactly like Lucky Charms? I smell a copyright infringement! hee hee.

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  • Typical Mega-Super-Happy-Caring Ending

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  • I'm convinced!

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For more CareBear stuff and some TV episodes, go here. I think I'm gonna watch the The Fox and the Hound next. I'm ready for a good cry. Oh my Gosh! While I was looking at IMDB... there's gonna be the Fox and the Hound 2?!! Way to ruin a classic with a sequel with the voice of Reba McEntire!! Heaven help us!

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