Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Electronics hate me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell apparently almost every piece of electronic technology I own is malfunctioning nowadays. It's getting annoying. My computer is forever doing what I call "hiccups." And for some odd reason, I'm getting these odd text messeges on my cell everyday. Here are just some of the messeges I've recieved so far.

  • "Mummy, Mummy I cant stop running around in circles!.... Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor."

  • "I miss you... I miss you... I miss you... I miss you.. I've got really bad aim!"

I'm so confused. Either someone has nothing better to do than to freak me out, or someone put me on a prank text messenging system or whatever. If they exist at all. If anyone can help me out with either of these problems, I'd appriciate it. The only piece of machinery that is always awesome is my precious ipod shuffle!
I figured out that I take alot of things for granted, and the main one is my dependancy on these machines.

I remember back in 5th grade, my sassy Science teacher had a lesson about machines. I called her sassy in retrospect, but back then I just thought she was a huge bitch. She would assign random stupid homework like watch the news and write the weather and dew points down for each day... who does that?! We didn't even talk about why we did it. It was just homework. And most people fudged their highs and lows. Hey, who wants to watch the weather news everyday? I had things to do like watch Saved by the Bell, James Bond Jr and the Fresh Prince of Belaire. That show were Ashley gets a record deal... come on.. that was great!
Anyways, where the hell was I? Oh, that science teacher. She was a huge blowhard. One day, a washed up rapper came to our school to talk about whatever.. I don't know.. don't do drugs.. getting a real job. And basically made a pass at her in front of the whole grade. It was something along the lines of "They didn't make teachers like you when I was in gradeschool" or whatever. Afterwards she was all bragging and such. What a bitch. As if she head wasn't already about to explode.
So one day she was teaching about machines. You know.. pulleys, see-saws and crap. She asked us what was our definition of a machine. And there were the usual idiot answers like "something made of metal" and "something digital." I don't remember what I thought a machine was, but I'm sure it was something equally stupid.
We learned that a machine is something that makes a job or work easier. Well.. the arrogant hose-beast was right. Damn her.

What was my point to all this? Something about machines helping you. And the machines I having are actually making the work harder... meh. I really need to organize my thoughts better. Perhaps by making an outline of the post or something. Sounds way too complicated for blogging.

Well, I guess you guys are just going to have to accept my jumble of thoughts and put them together in a significant way by yourselves, because putting sentences together is just not my forte.

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