Saturday, December 10, 2005

2nd Annual Gingerbread party.

Today was our second Gingerbread Party! Now with actual gingerbread instead of Graham Crackers we used last year! heh.
Throughout the night there were overwhelming themes.
Here was mine:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
And here was a few others':
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But it was a good night. Megan even had Mark get away from his crazy, secludedness that is his apartment to come to our shindig. We did have to bribe him with Nintendo DS multiplayer action though. Becky, Jami, Jason's new beau Jonathan, Sean and the rest of the Moubrys came aswell. We had a cool group of peeps. And for all of those who missed it, too bad for you! It rocked! It was like a Soap Opera... gingerbread style. Here are some more pics.

Cutting GingerBread, thank Becky for the stencil for it. Who knew an Accounting Major could be semi-creative and/or could trace edges.
House building, went well at first.
We were surprised that it was going well sort of.
Nearly-Finished product was okay... and yes, we did use ALOT of supplies!
Who doesn't use this for making a gingerbread house?! seriously!
The kids were corrupted by the older, more homosexual kids.
A wider look of our house-building materials.
Group Shot with finished house.
Literally 2 seconds later...COLLASPE'D!
the Devon makes a house of her own.
Everyone's jealous of her infinite pool. Or perhaps it was all the peanut butter!

It was goodtimes. I think next year we either have to use Graham Crackers again or make better Gingerbread... seriously, yo. the Devon's graduation is tommorrow (I guess later today) so that should be more awesomeness. Whoa, this weekend rocks hardcore.

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