Sunday, January 08, 2006

What's Frank up to?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com It's the question on everyone's mine.

I know! I know! It seems like ages since I've blogged. Well, I've been busy! I do have a few things I like to comment about to you guys.

  • My hobby of photoshopping is back. So I reinstalled Photoshop CS on my computer.

  • Oh man, this computer sucks... but I'm not buying another one till this one completely goes to hell. Don't get any ideas, kids!! A new computer will not complete me. This one is adequate. Works fine when I don't turn it off (that's right. I don't turn off my computer for anything. Whaa? I have to restart the computer to properly install some program?.. yea, whateva!!) and when I don't play The Sims. ugh.

  • Back to Photoshop. So I was doing my normal thing I do to practice photoshop. I do me. and PS, taking lots and lots of crazy-faced head shots of yourself is sooo underrated. Anyways, I did one with me and my new cell. One with me being all awesome. And another with a Fun Straw Becky gave me. Now... pay attention to that straw. Why would they design a straw like that? I'm like violating Spiderman! I honestly didn't noticed till someone pointed it out to me.
    "Hey Frank! Why are you giving Spiderman a rim job?!"

    ahhh, man! Becky is sooo perverted! I know she's an accountant now or something, so she has to get her "kicks" somewhere... but dang! That's just wrong Becky... bad Becky!

  • Ahhh! Frank has a cell phone! I'm like so hip now! Call me, hoes! I have free texting too! But no calling cept nights and weekends! I can't have you people stealing my minutes!!

  • Saw Match Point today. It's was okay, I guess... ANYWAYS! I saw a trailer to a new movie... DREAMGIRLS!!
  • What is the one thing a movie can do to destroy itself before it even has a trailer with actual movie clips in it?...

    Say that it stars Beyonce!!

    Serious Beyonce... if you fug up this movie with your booty-shaking, hair-flipping, arpeggio-crazed self, I will have to destroy you!

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