Saturday, December 24, 2005

Guilty Pleasure

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay so I had just finished downloading some of my favorite TV shows that never seen like the 4th season of Smallville, season 1 & 2 of Nip/Tuck, and some random movies when I remembered one TV show that I hardly ever see anymore. So I used BearShare to find this show that I haven't watched in ages. You see... it's a Canadian TV show and only plays on one satellite channel in the US.
I don't even have Bravo, so I downloaded the lastest season of this show off the internet.
Now before I reveal the show's identity you guys can't make fun of me!

you promise?

I'll take that as a confirmation. heh.

Anyways, I usually watch this show at my Dad's place. Mmmm, satellite TV on a huge screen... drools.

I guess I should clear something up about me first. None of my immediate family members have the same tastes as I do. My mom likes whiney Tejano-Spanish ballads over a box of Chillable Red wine. My Dad likes to 'roll,' which apparently to him means that he drives a huge truck with the rims, stereo, and mid-life crisis painfully booming for all to see and hear. My brothers (Ramon, Jonathan, Steven) are into freestyle rapping [hardly freestyling, but what do I know?], showing off, sports, and in my brother's case, dating psycho bitches who will cut you if you were in stabbing distance. Most of my sisters are into what every girl is into: boys, makeup, and cumbias [if you don't know what they word is... you're so white!]. Anyways there's only one person in my family that has one thing in common with me. The common interest in this show.
so, yeah. She's one of my sisters. She's like 10 or something. So back to the show...

It's not SpongeBob Square Pants... good Lord! NO!

It's Degrassi: The Next Generation! Now how much does this show rock? Seriously! Who would of thought Canadians could be cool? I didn't. Anyways, the show is about a bunch of these High Schoolers and they go through all this drama and hard issues. There isn't a show like it. Every issue that ever was is on this show. It's craziness. It's like that show 7th Heaven except minus the religion, morality and seemingly common senses of adult logic. Here are just a few story lines!!

1) Smart, overworked girl who is the student president and editor of the school TV station and her goofy, irresponsible boyfriend start having sexual relations over the summer only to find out in the fall that she gets pregnant.
2) Girl wants to be a movie star. Parents are hesistent. She attempts to get a boob job. Parents kick her out of the house. Meanwhile, she gets drunk and steals her bestfriends potential boyfriend, who is now broadcasting the girl's "GirlsGoneWild" moment of drunkeness to the whole school.
3) Troubled teen is outcasted by his friends for getting one of his friend crippled for life. He's sad, and befriends a beautiful jesus-freak girl.
4) Ambitious girl wants to get into prestigious school, but agrees to smoke pot before her college interview.

good stuff.

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